Display battery life as a percentage on home screen

It would be helpful to display the battery life percentage (battery status) on the home screen in the wyze app similar to how it shows up for the wyze cam outdoor. Then you can see what the percentage is when you’re charging these devices.

This would apply to the band, headphones, vacuum, and any future devices that require charging.

I think it would be great with the release of the headphones especially if the battery live was displayed from the home tab of the app. No one wants to be going through all their devices checking battery life, but if it was right there then it would make the app much easier to use.

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I clicked VOTE but will add that either putting the battery % on the first page in the Wyze app or having it announced when the headphones power on would be a great enhancement.

Really digging the headphones otherwise.

This same ask should be applied to the Wyze DoorLock as well as Wyze Sense.