Disable Wyze Cam Plus within the app?

I tried the Wyze Cam Plus 2-week trial. Didn’t like it. Don’t want it. Now I feel like more than ever I keep getting prompts to upgrade to Wyze Cam Plus. Like, for example, the “Click ‘12s’ to upgrade to Cam plus to record more than 12s” overlay on every single event video. Is there any way to get rid of these annoying Cam Plus prompts in the app?

To the best of my knowledge the answer is no. Those prompts are promoting the service in hopes you will subscribe. I get them as well, even though I have some cameras with CamPlus subscriptions, as do others. An annoyance no doubt.

Have you tried turning off new products & deals? Not sure if it will stop the prompts

I hadn’t, but I must’ve turned that off previously because it was already off. So unfortunately no, it doesn’t appear that’ll turn off Cam Plus prompts.