Disable detection movement on Pan cam?

Well, then… as long as you two are satisfied, then I guess it’s OK that Wyze hasn’t delivered what it advertised, or what other users want their pan cams to be used for…

Yeah, I just bought my first Cam-Pan ( I have 2 of the fixed ones ) , anyway…I have the exact issue with the motion tracking…not smooth at all, very jerky, and sometimes overshoots or even under shoots the moving target…

This is probably the most diva post, First you can disable the motion tracking, very simple, I found it within seconds of installing it. Second you are sitting here in a forum complaining about a $35 camera you bought, like the cheapest one on the market. Me I love mine, my pan, my stationary, yeah the pan is jerky sometimes, and you can here the gears turning as it pans. But again I didn’t spend $100 on a top brand camera, I bought the cheep cheep brand. Like you can sit here and complain and cry over what this company is doing to make decent quality products for cheep. Or understand that it’s a low budget company who probably won’t answer your little complaint. If you don’t want these problems then spend a little more money and buy a different brand. Easy. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


100% agree with this. Never has my pan cam ever moved that slow on its own, I’ve spent hours up on hours tweaking the settings and it never gets any better.

I can not in anyway believe this video is real footage from one of their cameras they sell.

Ah… your first post here, and you seem it important to start off by criticizing those who want the devices we purchase to work as advertized? I dont care if it’s a $30 camera or a $90 smart lock… it should work. Period.

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I look at it this way, you paid $30, if you want smooth HD and expert results, pay for it, for the money the Wyze products excel, is the motion a bit jerky? sure, but I only paid $30 bucks and it generally does the job exceptionally.


Hi Rick, I couldn’t agree more, it’s not about the price, it’s what the manufacturer is advertising how their product works, and the cam-pan does not work as advertised…

A bit jerky? That’s almost laughable. Even something as slow and a person walking slowly by 15 feet from the camera and the results are nothing short of a complete fail with the camera unable to even keep the subject on screen. It constantly over corrects every time each way and all you see is the camera shaking its head no. Price doesn’t matter, what they advertise does. If they need to charge more to be able to fund the department that devolop the software, then so be it. Don’t say it’s going to do X, then show a perfect (and likely manipulated) video showing how well it does X, but then when it doesn’t work at all, they just say that they have never experienced it behaving in the way that many of their customers have stated (when I first got my Pan, I found a thread when many people said that they were having problems and a Wize employee said they have never had one not behave perfectly…)

Bottom line, if you want to sell cheap crap that doesn’t do what you say it will, then don’t be surprised when customer become “Divas” because they show displeasure from bad customer support.

A better option would be to stop advertising the feature that just doesn’t work for a lot/most people, heck you can call it a beta feature to be used expecting it not to be perfect. Then that would at least be honest and acceptable.


They are too busy building more products to sell instead of fine tuning the apps and controls for current devices. Don’t know what they are doing with the profits, we know it’s not buying more memory for their DB server so they don’t have to have a partial copy exposed to the internet. Unfortunately I really liked Wyze when they came out but they are losing me as a fan lately. Problem is they will not care, if you read some post people are fanboys like apple and android, they can do no wrong. The Wyze (Cr)app needs extensive work. Not to mention Dimmable lights that do not dim very much.

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I fully understand your issue with the Pan Cam. The problem is bad enough during the day as the motion tracking cannot keep up or stay on a moving vehicle without jumping all over the place. that is one problem, but it is multiplied at night when the Cam is tracking a vehicle when it has it’s lights on. The Cam tries to track the light beams and objects the beams are falling on and virtually ignores the vehicle itself. Like so many others, I had to turn off motion tracking to get the camera to stabilize. So to me, the motion tracking is of marginal use. If it worked like the web site video it would be great, but is does not.

Perhaps your internal network is having issues or lacking. I experienced similar issues until I upgraded from the ISP provided router (built into the CPE) to a Mesh network, thus bypassing the junk the ISP provides. My Pan has absolutely no issues after doing so.

I’m over joyed for you that the Pan cam is working perfectly for you - but you are just about the only one.
I have one of the latest Netgear router with cat 6, managed switches, and over 30 year of IT experience, so believe me it is NOT my network.
The Pan cam is a total piece of crap with ZERO support from Wyze.

It is NOT about the cost of the cam - Its about the FALSE advertising of the cam and the continue lack of support. This is theft !