Disable cloud -- keep push notifications


I’d like to turn off cloud but still receive event notifications while recording to local SD

I have the cameras with a mobile hotspot and am limited to GB data.

But if you turn off event recording it effectively turns off notifications.

It would be nice to be able to go to Events and see the motions detected on your camera without having to scroll through the entire day under View Playback looking for the green lines.

Enable push notifications without recording
Events from SD Card instead of Cloud

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Toggle switch to cloud active or off would be nice. Not only for those with limited data plans. Also those who still have issues.

Have a friend who is a retired electrical engineer that has spent a significant $$$$s on designing and building an exterior property monitoring system. Impressed with the low price and features of the Wyze v2. But turned off regarding the cloud event storage and 5 minute “cool down”.