Direction/Motion Limits For Wyze Cam Pan


You may just need to use/adjust the detection zone in Settings > Detection Settings > Detection Zone.


I believe the detection zone is only for motion tracking. But that did trigger me to look around some more and I think I have improved my view by using advanced settings/motor controls/pan scan settings and then adjusting the waypoints. Each of the 4 waypoints can be up or down in addition to left and right. Thanks for leading me to review the setting options again!


Has anything been done about this motion tracking problem. It tends to overshoot and then moves to an extreme position where it is essentially useless since it will never see any new motion.

I have adjusted the settings on sensitivity and motion speed and it doesn’t help.

The Wyze cameras are nice for the price but new customers shouldn’t have to spend hours and days browsing forums and tweaking settings to get their product to function properly. I see this discussion started Nov 2018 and here it is May, seven months later and apparently no resolution.


I have seen this issue with multiple different users and cams, the pan seems to like to stare at walls at night because it detects the IR reflection on the wall. A good way to fix this issue would be to put a rotation limitation in the settings so users are able to set a “Wall” where the camera will no longer turn past. This will allow users that mount their pan cam outdoors to set limitations and keep from the camera continuously staring at a wall.


Replying + voting for the “limit rotation” element of the feature request.

I am a new purchaser of the Pan Cam. I bought the pan cam over the regular version in order to have the up/down pan option, but need to install in a small cavity where there isn’t room to rotate the unit side to side.

Not being able to disable the power-on rotation is unfortunate.