Direction/Motion Limits For Wyze Cam Pan Tracking

Until something is implemented in the software/firmware, what would happen if I were to mechanically limit the travel? I’m sure I can rig something up to keep the camera from panning further than I would like. That would only be for left/right movement, but that’s good enough for me.

It sounds like the camera uses a stepper motor, which would make the most sense anyway. Because of the way steppers operate, those motors are usually not damaged if you prevent motion. But the linkages could theoretically not be strong enough to hold up to the torque.

Another thought is the way it “remembers” the home position. If it’s counting steps, then that counter would count steps that didn’t move the camera. But if it has a sensor to detect its angle, then it wouldn’t care about the step count.

Does anyone know if either of these is a problem? Or could I make up a simple bracket to stop the motion?

One additional comment - The camera sometimes forgets its home position if it sees lots of movement. It does that herky-jerky movement tracking, back and forth, then gets confused and points at my wall. This is during the day, so not an IR reflection problem (which is the reason I want to limit motion).

Thanks for the response. Very well stated. I agree with your observations but as you said, I think the solution is a bit more problematic or they would have fixed it by now. One suggestion that may help you, If you go to a specific camera, then go to “settings”, then go to “advanced settings”, then go to “motor controls”, you can change the rotation speed of the PanCam motor. I have mine set to 3 (out of 9) and the speed of the motor is much more smooth. Hope this helps and thanks for the candid response.

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Thanks. I did read somewhere that the motor speed only applied to manual rotation and not motion tracking, this was a while ago so I’m not sure if that’s still the case but here’s the post.

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That is true unless something has changed that I am unaware of

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That is still accurate. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to be able to set boundaries or rotation limits on the Wyze Cam Pam when motion tracking is on.

Everytime an object moves around a corner the camera follows it so far all I get is a video of the wall behind the camera. If boundaries could be set while motion tracking is on it would allow the camera to stay on the area i want recorded rather than a wall showing me nothing useful.

I’m replying to my own comment/question just to fill in on my “research”. I tried asking customer support about mechanically limiting the rotation myself, but never got an answer, other than modifying my camera would void the warranty. I even drew a picture of my method, (more of a cartoon, really :-)), which was to mount a bracket to the wall behind the camera that would have arms to stop the camera from rotating too far in either direction.

So I’m going to try this out. I really don’t think I’ll damage the camera, But if I do, then I’ll just use that as a $35 lesson.