Direction Limits For Wyze Cam Pan Motion Tracking



Our motion tracking is not quite as accurate as we would like and we’re working on that. In the meantime, adding direction limits to Wyze Cam Pan will help prevent the camera from overshooting and getting focused on an area that the owner doesn’t care about watching (or would rather not prioritize). This would also add the ability to prevent Wyze Cam Pan from looking at televisions or areas of the room considered to be more private (like the bed area in a bedroom).



Limiting the panning range?
Pan Scan stop points


I have been using this cam since it was first released and I like everything about it. One issue I am experiencing is with the pan settings when I only turn on motion tagging. The camera spins too much and just focuses on the wall. If there is a way I can limit the panning range to detect motion that would be great. The panning feature currently forces the camera to move every 10 seconds but misses any detected motion. Just need to find a way to marry the two :slight_smile: