Direct access to SD card with download ability


IMHO, as a retired embedded firmware developer with 30 years experience, it is my belief that we will never get a standard implementation of this functionality just as we will never get a standard RTSP implementation. It is my belief that they have this functionality already and that it doesn’t fit into their marketing plan to give it to us.

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Bought 7 cameras because I read RTSP was avail… Can’t get RTSP to work reliably so back to stock. Please add ability to export out files on SD to \share/NAS to ease the pain. Should be easy to implement. Those that were looking forward to Maxdrive need this… Thanks!

please add NAS support!!!

There is a web page where a guy gives instructions how to hack the linux operating system in the Wyze camera to save the video to a NAS. This involves having a NAS to save the files to.

It is might be possible to install an SFTP server (or at least a FTP server) using similar methods.

I believe I’ve seen that as well, but I think it involves setting it up to trick the camera into thinking your NAS is the SD card. Relatively simple thing for Wyze to implement, would like to see something like that released from them.

I’d be cautious of the hack, because the wyze also deletes files when the sd card is full. So if your mount isn’t restrictive as it should, one accident bug could wipe more than it should. I’d wait for wyze too.

I am glad some people take chances and try new things. Let us know if the hack works.

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I cant find the post, but I remember instructions said to fill a small SD card up first. I think it uses the code for the deletion process somehow, but I agree on waiting until they come up with something. I think it would make quite a few of their users happy.