Direct access to SD card with download ability


Just received a bunch of Wyze stuff last week. Even bought the Wyze SD cards. Used a ladder to install one of them. Of course I need to access the video it recorded.

I didn’t realize I need to climb up that ladder again if I want video off the SD card. And now I need some sort of USB-to-SD card device as well?

May not have bought if I knew this.

Did it say somewhere in the material you had before the purchase that direct download was available?
You can playback and record to your device.

You CAN get the video off of the camera without pulling the SD card but it’s a PITA.

–hit the record button and record in realtime the X minute window and then copy that file to a better tool to review the clip

Wyze was going to enable SMB when MaxDrive was released. Unfortunately that fell through so the hope is that Wyze would still release the SMB option.

Recording only works in a usable fashion if you have a network capable of streaming the video back to you smoothly. Otherwise, you get very unstable (and sometimes unusable) results.

I suggest they allow us to create our own personal S3 buckets and copy clips (or all) of the SD card there. They already know the S3 file transfer protocol, so all they’d have to do is give us a way to configure it for card-to-personalS3 operation.

My cameras are hours away. If I need something off of them and the cloud upload didn’t catch enough to be useful, it’s going to be a major pain for me to collect the video (or impossible if someone nicks the cards from the cameras).


it would be great to be able to bracket out a portion of the playback feed timeline & export to file directly from the app- without needing to mess with the sd card. thanks!

It is possible to view continuous recorded video on card but not time lapse without being on the same WiFi network. I’m assuming if internet goes down the camera will still record to SD Card and you can control and view live and recorded footage via the app if on the same WiFi network, a feature that doesn’t exist with other cameras.

I monitor another house 900 miles away. I can view the saved video about as easily as on the cam 10 yards away.

Would be great if the person I have shared the camera with also has the ability to access/download from the SD Card. I’ve used Wyze and Yi cameras and the Yi cameras recently upgraded their app to include this feature.

I vote in, recording via playback in real time is like repeating the job that the camera already done, ejecting/reinserting the micro-SD is not only unpractical but could also deteriorate the slot mechanism depending how frequent you do it; also being able to copy/download the video file from the micro-SD is a big plus because we will be able to archive and surpass the 32GB limit. I think it could be implemented securely via FTP or even SFTP.


Please Wyze Make it possible

Thanks in advance

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Would love to get this functionality ASAP.

It would also be nice to see the Wyze Roadmap for all future plans and feature releases.

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They have a roadmap. But
can be hard to follow.

Definitely a big pain to have to pull the SD card(s) in order to more easily go through continuous footage.

As others have pointed out it’s impractical to have a mobile device stay running for long periods to “record” portions of the continuous video and if mounted in hard to reach places it’s unreasonable to expect users to go through the hassle of pulling the cards when a software feature (that should have been there in the beginning IMO) could easily address this.

Would love to see this put into development. RTSP is great but not everyone wants to run a separate system to recording, motion detection, etc. I’d much rather reply on the built-in recording / deception / alerts and just be able to pull videos down to my laptop for easier scrubbing, etc.

Add the ability to map a drive or mount from a PC/Mac/Phone the internal SD card.

Since the Wyze App has a fairly poor usability, speed and reliability I would prefer to browse the SDCARD myself.

It boggles my mind that this feature wasn’t there from the beginning. Most of my cameras are mounted to minimize easy access.

IMHO, this is a very serious shortcoming for serious surveillance users. I need continuous recorded coverage.

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You can view sd card footage from the app.

I would like to be able to download videos I am watching in the app, directly on my iPhone.

IF you are WATCHING them live just mash the record button.

Thanks but not the case, watching a recorded video from hours ago. I mean wouldn’t it be logical that you would want to be able to distribute a video from a security cam, in an easy way? Right now I would have to pull the SD card, my cam is definitely not in accessible location.

IF you are WATCHING them, whenever they were recorded, you can record WHAT YOU ARE WATCHING to your device AS you are watching it.
For example -assuming you have a SD card in and it is on continuous record, press view playback, go to a time (hours ago) you want to see, as the video runs press record and it will record to your device.
On my Android system it records to /Wyze/Camera/Manual.