Direct access to SD card with download ability


Just received a bunch of Wyze stuff last week. Even bought the Wyze SD cards. Used a ladder to install one of them. Of course I need to access the video it recorded.

I didn’t realize I need to climb up that ladder again if I want video off the SD card. And now I need some sort of USB-to-SD card device as well?

May not have bought if I knew this.

Did it say somewhere in the material you had before the purchase that direct download was available?
You can playback and record to your device.

You CAN get the video off of the camera without pulling the SD card but it’s a PITA.

–hit the record button and record in realtime the X minute window and then copy that file to a better tool to review the clip

Wyze was going to enable SMB when MaxDrive was released. Unfortunately that fell through so the hope is that Wyze would still release the SMB option.

Recording only works in a usable fashion if you have a network capable of streaming the video back to you smoothly. Otherwise, you get very unstable (and sometimes unusable) results.

I suggest they allow us to create our own personal S3 buckets and copy clips (or all) of the SD card there. They already know the S3 file transfer protocol, so all they’d have to do is give us a way to configure it for card-to-personalS3 operation.

My cameras are hours away. If I need something off of them and the cloud upload didn’t catch enough to be useful, it’s going to be a major pain for me to collect the video (or impossible if someone nicks the cards from the cameras).

it would be great to be able to bracket out a portion of the playback feed timeline & export to file directly from the app- without needing to mess with the sd card. thanks!