Direct access to SD card with download ability

I would like to see this feature also. Recognizing this is a simple economical camera, I don’t expect everything. But, I would like to download saved recordings from the SD card by some reasonable granule, hour, day, etc. I could then watch them offline, save them for the future, fast forward viewing, etc. I wouldn’t mind if the camera needed to stop capture during the file transfer if there is a bandwidth or other resource limitation.

It seems the microSD video is compressed, so you may want to check out the above and vote for it too.

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I would also be happy with a simple & standard FTP access.

FTP software that can download the videos are already available in virtually any platform, and tiny FTP servers are also already available that can fit in these cameras.

I was absolutely floored to discover there’s no way to download video without playing it back realtime in its entirety. That’s a dealbreaker: I’m planning to return the unit and post warnings to other customers on Amazon.

It’s a $20 camera and there is a way to download a time-lapse video which works well. The cost of the camera approaches what I paid for just the tax on one Reolink Argus 2. I would also like to see some sort of chron job to transfer files across the network.

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+1 for this. I honestly can’t believe it doesn’t exist already.

Just want to add another vote for faster-than-real time recording of video that has been captured to the SD card. =OR= for any other simple way to quickly capture large chunks of video from the SD cards of my WYZE cams located 100 miles away in another city.

Very closely related, I want to add a vote for the ability to specify the file storage location within the app on Android devices so that the SD card on the device is used instead of the device’s internal memory. Many apps have this ability, so it should be relatively simple to implement. I unexpectedly learned about this situation the hard way when the whole app went bonkers because the 16 GB tablet storage was full, but there was plenty of room on the 128 GB SD card. (was quickly fixed by moving the half gig of video files off to a PC and reinstalling the app)

I understand and greatly appreciate that this is a $20 device, and all warning against mission critical use, so whatever works and is simple for the programmers to implement is great. I don’t mind work arounds as long as they work. :slightly_smiling_face: In three weeks I have acquired six of the v2’s and they are working exceptionally well with both Apple and Android devices. :slightly_smiling_face:

My cams (WYZE CAM v2) are set to record for motion and sound with detection zones and sound on. My cams are telling me I need SD cards. If I’m recording motion with sound on, how many days worth of storage will a 32GB card give me? 64GB? 128GB? 256? What’s a good brand SD card that works good for this type of recording and will the SD cards be ready to just put in my cams right out of the box?

A couple of days on 32GB

Wyze cams are only supported for 32GB cards. It’s a File Allocation (FAT) limit. More than that they sometimes get flaky.

That is incorrect.

I have successfully used 64gb and 128gb cards in my WYZE v2 cams. (see image)
There is a special formating program one uses on the format the card.
It is the same program I use t format my 128gb cards I use in my 2 dash cams (not a WYZE product) that also claim to only support up to 32gb cards.
It is just called “FAT32-Formatter”.

Anyway, I found this thread when searching for other threads on how to download the entire Event clip file, not just the 12 sec cloud clips. Not possible it seems. I had a maintenance person in my apartment unit for 45 min while I was away at work. I am not about to just let my phone app run to 'Record" the event again in real time…I just want to download the full raw files off the sd…but u have to pull the sd card out of the cam and do it manually. Which then requires me to re-position and tweak the cam again. Annoying to have to do every event u wish to save But hey, the things are $20…gotta compromise in some areas i guess.

Regardless of what you say I believe that Wyze only supports 32GB cards. I’ve been running a 64GB in one Pan camera for months with no problem. But since I’m in the Beta program I use 32GB cards in the rest of my cams that have cards.

Being able to do something and it being supported are different things.

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“Supported”…meaning the device supports the card and functions the same as a smaller card.

Not referring to Customer support by the manufacture company such as tech support etc.
If the thing functions normal with no issues, then there is no need for user to have to contact company for support…duh. :wink:

I ended up not needing 64gb of space anyway, so currently they only have 32gb cards in them at present.

Great idea…add me too

This is awesom feature if it could be implemented. Voted.

A simple FTP server in the camera would be easy to implement. We can write our own automated scripts to pull the files off of it.

Would be really great to be able to download from the sd card directly to a computer or flash drive. Sometimes people might have the camera mounted in a difficult place to be able to remove the card or be away for extended periods of time…
Possibly months and not have access to the card


I agree with the original poster. The ability to retrieve footage would be greatly improved implementing samba.

Or some type of local authentication to the device as a 2nd user similar to rtsp and have the footage go there or the ability within the app to save edit delete timeline recorded events (ie not the 12 second clip) having 3GB of storage left.

I cant do anything within the app to FREE up space without deleting everything.