Different suction levels for different rooms or levels in the cleaning schedule

Hi Wyzers,

It would be great if I can set different suction levels for different rooms in the cleaning schedules. For example, I want to clean office room at quiet and kitchen at strong level, without needing to create separate schedules for both.



That sounds like a great idea to me! I think it could be implemented via a firmware update.

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Probably an app update, as the firmware already handles suction level commands from the app as noted in schedules in the current production app & firmware.

I think it’s great idea and I voted. :+1:

Yeah, I believe it should just be an software update to app … firmware already caters for diff level suction.

It would be nice if you could tell the vacuum what level of suction to use for each room. For example, I use max suction in my rooms with carpet, but only need a light suction (almost like sweeping) for my rooms with hardwood floors or tile. Also, I don’t like the fact that Wyze refuses to divide a room, because “it’s too small”. That’s BS. If I want to divide a room, it shouldn’t matter how small it is.

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Yeah, also, I don’t like noise in some rooms like in my media or office room. No matter how dirty it is. I would rather clean it twice on quiet mode than once on strong ;).

Yeah, thats super annoying. How does it matter to a robot vacuum if a room is small or big. I know my house layout better than it … if you don’t understand where the border is, just listen to me.

Yes, i love this one. I know you can do it per schedule . But would love to config each room/area to have a specific suction level so you do not have to do it manually.

Also, when going from one room to another, if there is a room in-between would it save battery life to turn off suction/brushes until it gets to the next room? or the on/off use up more power? Prob has already been suggested, but just wondering.

I recommend that you can set a specific suction level for a floor. When you change to a floor, it will change to its suction level for the robot vacuum.


I’d like to see suction level applied to an area and the ability to save this preference in the map. You could select a small area or an entire floor.


[Mod Edit] : Title of this was modified slightly to allow for change in floor levels as well as rooms and enhance Search clarity.

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