Different app or app section for cameras vs other devices

With the addition of the Wyze Bulb, Wyze Sense, and Wyze Plugs I feel that separating the Wyze Cams and Smart devices to their own sections would be help full. My list of devices is a little bit of a mess from the growing list device that keep getting added. A little more organization would be great and simplify the app.

Just curious… have you discovered product grouping in the app? Could that help with the clutter?

There’s info on how to group products in the help guides in the Support link, top right.

And if you don’t want to group you can always just sort.

Grouping would help but then we still can’t add a product to multiple groups yet…

That’s what I like about Alexa you can add devices to other groups and routines also, bad thing is no wyze sensors

I have done grouping before but i really miss the feel of the app being dedicated to wyze cams and while the smart things are cool i really feel there needs to be a better separation between the two

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Wyze please make a separate app for Wyze Cameras. Really you could just make a duplicate app and then change a few things. This would be helpful because when you have more products than just cameras it gets confusing in the app. We are using these cameras to monitor our stuff, we need an app just for that. No reason to have our living room lights and coffee maker in the same app.

Without the ability to group different devices by room or location, grouping doesn’t serve a lot of purpose right now.

Am I the only one who would love to have a totally separate “Wyze Health” app (or whatever name)? I don’t like having smart devices like the cameras, bulbs, etc in the same app as my scale and fitness tracker. It is extra steps to open the Wyze app for my bands or scale and be in a camera already, then have to back out of it and look for the health section.

Technically it would make updates easier to push and less things to break in each separate app.

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Looks like a dead topic… and now with the added “health” devices… I think this idea/topic needs to be revisited…

We really need this!! I would love a Wyze Health app, a Wyze Cameras app, and a Wyze Smart home app. We need this!!

I think cameras, sensors, plugs & bulbs (I don’t have any bulbs or locks) should be controlled via one app (Wyze Smart). Bands, weigh scales, etc could be another app (Wyze Health). Just my 2 cents …

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I think this is more important now then it was before with the profiles it wants you to set up on the scale and assigning multi wyze bands to the same account. me and my wife share a main wyze account for camera lights plugs. having separate account would make the app so much less confusing and the long list of devices on app smaller.

Yes I totally agree!


Wyze we need separate apps!!!

Can you add a “Health Group” or something similar to the app for grouping devices like the Band and Scale?