Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

That only gives you a different sound for the Wyze app. It would be most beneficial to be able to have different sounds for each device. Each camera, each sensor etc.

Terribly frustrated to search for this topic only to discover a thread three years old yet not resolved. “It’s in development”. In my experience that can mean days, months, or years.
I have IOS. I simply want one unique sound for notifications from the app. Don’t care which Wyze device it is.
My garage door opener app has its own sound. When I’m driving or I’m doing something I hear the sound, realize it’s the garage and I can react if I need to. The irony is it’s a garage door opener mfg and app. Not a tech brand like Wyze. :thinking:

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I agree and that is what I was requesting and it got thrown into another thread that was just asking for a separate Wyze app notification sound. I would like to see a different sound capability for each device and let us choose how to use it. Like you I am busy during the day but if I know which device is activated by a motion or sound I can respond accordingly. This should not be a huge request as many companies already have this capability. You can assign a different sound to each name in your cell phone contact list for texts or a different one for voice calls. A very helpful and time saving tool. With all the false alarms on these cameras it would be helpful if one could audibly conclude if it is necessary for a response.

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Please consider allowing for personalization of notification sound so we can tell by sounds - without opening everything up - if Notification is from Wyze or a dumb text…thanks!!

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Evidently this request was made three years ago and many times since only to be put on the back burner.

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How was this problem resolved? I just check my app and do not see a way to assign separate notification tones, unless I missed something. If anyone knows how to do this I am interested in learning how. I am not interested in assigning just a single tone to all devices in general. Only interested in a tone for each device.

I do not think it has been resolved, there is a work around on Android that is a lot of work to implement. This is in-development though so they are working on a solution

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I know about the work around and thank you for the info, it is much appreciated. I didn’t think it had been resolved.

Style is not so important as locations. 1 tone for INDOOR CAMS, 1 for OUTDOOR locations, and maybe 1 more for SPECIAL locations, such as front or back doors or driveways

Style is important. I, as well as many others, have pan cams outside along with the WOC. I believe each style of camera should have the option for a different notification type or sound.

Cameras can generate a number of event notifications… sound detected, carbon monoxide, smoke, and motion. I want to be able to customize sounds down to unique events per camera.

I am willing to go to the trouble of recording my own voice to an mp3 file and attach that to an event that a camera generates. But for those who need just some generic grouping of sounds, that should be available too, IMO. It would also be nice to specify a schedule for those sounds, say one for night, another for day, or perhaps when you have your phone on DND (do not disturb) and be able to override DND.

I have recorded my own voice for various texts I get, one for family, another from a buddy. Not hard at all, But for the wyze cameras, that administration should be in the app.

It would be nice. I requested this same thing a couple of months ago and they grouped it in with a conversation that had been ended a year prior. So it was not seen and I was in a way scolded for not looking this up, even though I did look but their search was not good enough to pick up a request for notification sounds, in their search system so as not to repeat a earlier request, Then I was told they were working on something but that was 3 years ago. Guess they don’t see it as important. I too created separate voice sounds hoping I would see something fairly soon. Every other device I have on my system allows a different sound to tell them apart. Maybe Wyze will take time one of these days when they are not so busy putting out new products.

this has been on the list now for years
I really don’t think Wyze is looking at these threads anymore
how they think a subscription security product that only has one generic notification is worth buying… that is beyond me

It has been on the list for years but most that time was spent on the #wishlist, it has since been moved to the #roadmap (Feb 2021) and is listed as ‘in-development’. Wyze does continue to look at these and has moved this one to the #roadmap because they are working on it now.