Different Alert Sound For Wyze Notifications


This is one of the biggest drwaback for Wyze. I can’t seem to understand which notification I need to be alerted for. I have been using wyze for a week and though I like what it does there is no way for me to get alerted when something happens. I strongly urge to make this a high priority is being able to customize the sound for wyze



I would like a shotgun blast, if it’s possible to bypass my phone notifications, :slight_smile:

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I just wonder why Apple OS Is not capable of setting Separate notification sounds for apps When Android OS already is :thinking:

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Wow, that is buried so deep I never even knew it was there, thanks for pointing it out. Now to see if it works on my Note 8.

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Not available on my LG.



This is standard to all Oreo/Pie android devices. Press and hold the app icon select app info(i) and follow instructions.



That worked! I had tried other hints which did not appear on my LG phone. This hint worked. Thanks.





I posted this a little over a month ago. I hope Wyze can really get this going.

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I get different notifications throughout the day, but I don’t instantly look at my phone every time I hear one arrive. It would be nice if the WyzeCam app could allow us to set a custom notification sound for notification from our cameras.

This is possible on Android and iOS, since the LINE app (https://line.me) has the option under settings to pick from 10 different notification sounds. When I get a message on LINE from someone it has a distinct notification sound that lets me know I received a message on LINE from one of my contacts. I also believe that LINE Rangers (https://line.me/en-US/games) has a special notification sound when they send out news about the game.

It would be nice if the WyzeCam app could also offer this option, so I could recognize a motion detection notification compared to other standard notifications on my Nextbit Robin (Android) phone and iPad. I could see this maybe even going further, if possible, to allow different notification sounds for motion detection compared to sound detection, but just having a special sound for notifications in general from WyzeCam would be great!

I did a quick search on Google and it looks like the following article explains how to add a custom notification sound to an app using the Boxcar platform:

I am not familiar with Boxcar, but it definitely looks like it is possible based on LINE's implementation and Boxcar's documentation.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion and hopefully this is something that can be implemented in a future app update.



Android 8 has that ability now - I have a custom alert sound (siren) for my wyze alerts - but i thought this was also available in Android 7.

Different sounds for different alerts (motion, sound, smoke, etc) would be nice, but also to set different sounds for different cameras, or be able to have no sound for specific cameras. For example, the work shed alert always sounds with any notification, but the office doesn’t make a sound when the motion is detected (i want the notifications, just no sound) but will sound when smoke alarm notification is sent.




Where is the custom sound setting in Android 8 on your phone? I am running 7.1.1 on my Nextbit Robin and I don’t see an option under “Settings > Notifications” or “Settings > Sounds”. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place or maybe it is only an option in Oreo.



On my (tmobile) Samsung GS8+, Android 8.0.0 with Samsung Experience 9.0.0, I go to:

Settings > Notifications > Wyze > Wyze Normal

And I can set the alert sound.



This is all I see under 7.1.1. :frowning:




I would also really like a custom sound option.

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Boxcar is a very different push notification system than the native apple and google ones. It’s easy to do for Apple. https://medium.com/@prakashmaharjan20/play-custom-push-notification-sound-ios-a767748a46

im sure the devs know about it :slight_smile:



This would be a great option so that I choose a unique sound for Wyze Cam.Right now it is the default notification sound on Android 7.1.1

Hopefully this option is in the works



I’m in the process of writing a blog post to explain how to do this;

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Notification Sound

We’ll look forward to reading it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Well it’s done for Android 9, but I don’t have access to any other devices right now, so other versions and iOS will have to wait.