Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

In future updates, could Wyze figure out how to create the ability where a specific sound or tone could be associated with a specific camera? Currently there is only one tone notification sound when a camera sends an alert. If we could have a choice of sounds to associate with a camera, that would be awesome. This way when a specific camera gets an alert, it would use it’s specific tone associated with it to let us know which camera is alerting us. In the middle of the night it would be helpful for sure! Thanks!!

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Hi, Can you please give us an update on the development stage. Thanks

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The next stage that would be tagged , will be , launched , other than that there are no updates, that is the process

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So far this has been my only disappointment. hopefully they fix this soon but given it’s been so long I don’t hold out much hope.

It’s only been 3 months since they officially announced they are going to do this.

Yes, it was first requested and added to the wishlist back in 2018, but that doesn’t mean Wyze considered or started on it at all. 3 months ago is when they finally added it to in-development and 3 months is not long at all to code everything out for a feature like this then run alpha testing, then fix things, run more alpha testing, and repeat, repeat, repeat for a while until it’s finally ready for phase 1 beta testing, and then a while later before it’s production ready.

Don’t worry about it yet. If they say it’s actually in development there is no reason to doubt it is coming when it’s only been 3 months since they finally agreed to look into the project. Now, if it gets to next summer and it’s still not even in Beta Testing, then disappointing doubts would start to be warranted as it would indicate there is a real problem…but definitely not in just 3 months from the development announcement.

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elseby, I like you an many many others are just as frustrated. The fact that we even had to vote on this as an added feature is ridiculous. This should have been delivered this on day one or at a minimum should be the number one priority from day one. There goal was delivering more and more products while we funded them by preordering months ahead. How do you justify a company that claim to provide security devices when you cannot distinguish the between motion in driveway or coming through your front door when youre sleeping? So even though Wyze provides decent products for a great price, the software and features are lacking. I don’t understand why anyone would defend them, they are a company out for profit like any other.

Why the delay for this often requested feature? I have a couple of expert guesses:

Perhaps it is a patent infringement concern. A search on “security camera notifications patent” yields a fair amount of content. I’m a technologist who filed many patents and “worked around” others. Worst case is when we could not find a way around a patent claim but DID discover prior art (which can be used in court to invalidate a patent), it took lawyers some time to build a case for ignoring a patent - they basically build the defense case invalidating claims.

I bring this up because patents can cause competitive products to have lingering feature gaps that don’t make sense. In this case, 3 years and lots of begging for configurable notification sounds make me wonder if a roadblock exists. Companies can’t discuss or disclose this because that becomes courtroom evidence.

Another possibility is Wyze won’t sell much more if they don’t add the feature. The complexity of per-device notification configuration might not have a strong business case for the expense of coding, debugging, verifying, validating and maintaining the feature. App level vs feature level notifications are handled differently in the phone, and it is a pain for developers. I wonder, just how many people DIDN’T buy a Wyze camera because of this gap?

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very valid points. as a fellow law nerd this is one aspect that is often either not looked at at all by consumers or not understood at all as it get VERY complex very quickly.

well said.

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How hard can it be to include a small database of 5 different tones, which could be assigned to individual cams or different groups of cams? My android phone allows me to assign one unique ton to ALL Wyze devices, but only a single selection. IPhones are not so lucky

this was 2018… it’s 2021 and I don’t see How to yet change sounds?

It was REQUESTED by people back in 2018, but there are hundreds or thousands of wishlist requested items and Wyze doesn’t have time to do most requested things, they have to prioritize based on several factors, and so Wyze never said they were going to do this back in 2018.

Wyze finally announced this as moving into development Febrary 25 2021 in post # 278 (based on the link it’s 278, but the browser indicates it’s 273) above.

And they mentioned it could take a while before it’s released and it possibly could still be canceled

So it will still probably be a while before this is available.

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There is no justification. I don’t care how many other request or features customers asked for. This is a basic feature that all similar apps and products provide from day one. It is clear that Wyze or anyone responding on Wyze’s behalf doesn’t get this basic fact. Wyze screwed up plain and simple because they only cared about the bottom line. Wyze had no issue adding their service feature for cam plus and updating their app to be a freaking popup ad, bugging customers about signing up. There absolutely no justification so stop, it’s been three freaking years. No one wants a crappy vacuum or lamp fix what you already sold.


Yes, This.

Glad this is in progress, I think the best route for modern Android phones is additional notification channels, Then the user could add devices to which channel then add their own tone. So someone could have a camera channel or someone could have a high alert channel so users can customize how they want it to work and not force everyone to follow a strict method. I personally like alert levels over device type but would likely would appreciate a mixture so I know when something is high importance but then my cameras could be in one and my sensors in another.

Can you add a different notification sound just for the door bell? I may want to ignore a motion notification but respond to the doorbell. Can you please get it added to suggestions for updates.

It would be useful to be able to assign different notification sounds to by device vs. whole app. Further, mute sound notifications by device or group of devices to coincide with phone “Do Not Disturb” setting.

Thank you so much…

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Want to be able to change the MOTION notification sound for the Wyze cameras to separate sound in app. My Samsung only lets me change certain things and they all sound the same so it’s hard to filter what noise is movement vs an email etc.

Thank you

I am guessing this feature could be released as soon as July 7th, or at least that their next major update on July 7th will be a big step that is necessary to happen before this can be implemented and released.

Wyze just announced that the next major update on July 7th will require everyone to have Android 7.0+ or iOS 12.0+ so we can cross-reference what possible changes happened in those OS updates against App projects Wyze has announced are in development. One thing Both of those OS versions have in common is that that they made some big updates to notification functionality, including things related to grouping and tweaking notifications as they come in, and some special customization options.

Therefore, logically, this tentative July 7th app update probably either includes the different alert sound feature we’re all looking forward to, or at least lays the foundation for it to start being beta tested soon after first. So maybe do the update and limit, wait for the stragglers to find solutions, do a few intermediary updates, then testing, then public release…but straight to public release would be fun too.

That’s my guess, but it all seems pretty logical to me based on the recent announcement. Looking over the changes in those 2 OS versions, nothing else stands out to me as why they picked those versions as the minimum requirement. The notification updates are the big overlap between all 3 variables (Android 7.0, iOS 12.0, Known Wyze projects) as far as I can tell.

Again, I have no special insider knowledge and I could be wrong, but the cookie crumbs lead me to believe this is a probable event, and thought I’d add some hope in here.

EDIT/UPDATE: I have reasonable suspicion this feature won’t actually be fully functional in the July 7th release after all (they are doing some other protocol changes related to the doorbell, etc), but I am sure there will be things with this that will still make for a good step in that direction since it will allow them to improved notifications, etc as a basic foundation.


Would like flexibility to determine notification tone on iphone. *