Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

So, this request started in 2018. It’s apparent you guys are only doing what you think is important to you. Let’s get with the program guys. We’ve been supporting you by providing a PAY CHECK. Don’t you think it’s about time after 3 years you give the customer what they want? Good grief…


You guys read the top right?

This is marked as in development. That means it’s past the researching phase and it’s probably actually being used in some sort of alpha at the company. Obviously they haven’t given a timeline but this is something that could be rolled out to beta at any time.


Maybe a help balloon when you hover over that would let folks know that is an option?

Please let us change the doorbell notification sound

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I’m vote 666 for this feature
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Hello, is this feature available yet? It’s been 2 years!

it’s marked " in development" I haven’t seen anything in the Beta’s yet but there is a bit that get’s rolled into something like this. when you consider that it’s not only coding for android and IOS but also interactions with “skins” that each cell provider put’s on top of the OS and what file format it would be able to read from and when systems it would used to play ETC… it becomes rather consuming t write code for something that we take for granted so much these days. remember when flip phones would only play one file type and they had to be downloaded from your providers site and all that good stuff. depending on how certain stock coding is, this type of thing could be rather tedious.

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It has been “in development” for a long, long time… Sooo many apps have custom sounds, the lack of this feature, especially when you make a doorbell and are trying to sell yourself as a home security option is… Well, kinda silly… At best.

I am sorry if I sound rude. I did not ask for how difficult to code it. My question is this has been in Dev too long, I doubt any complicated coding takes more than 2 years. Can you please get this prioritized? This is a basic capability for a door bell.

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no worries at all.

I think it comes down to a matter of resource and human power at Wyze. I haven’t heard of anything on it either and I would’ve thought it would’ve at least been in Beta by now. so I share your frustration. being not a programmer myself, what I mentioned is only what my miniscule amount of knowledge holds, I’m sure there is even more to it. I don’t remember when it was finally moved to in development so yes it’s been a while, but we dont know when it was actually begun being worked on. I wish I had the pull to get this prioritized but sadly I don’t.

this is the type of thing though that when it is rolled to beta and someone posts in here asking where it is, myself or one of the maven team will definitely be the first ( and happily I might add) to let people know it is finally working it’s way to us :slight_smile:

Two and a half years later. Status?

in development so more than likely the code is written or being wrote and is probably in alpha hanging around Wyze headquarters being used. nothing official though on when it will be rolled out further or when it might hit Beta.

At least if the app differentiate alert for when someone presses the bell vs motion. We don’t even need custom sound option. Just differentiate the motion alert vs bell alert. It just completely makes the bell useless other than just a camera. Especially if you want the monthly revenue with Cam Plus, this bell alert differentiation is very important, otherwise nobody would want the Cam Plus, because it doesn’t add much value. Hope the leadership understands this and prioritize it.

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I mean really, it is a doorbell, you should be able to know when someone is ringing the thing… that is what a smart doorbell is for.
Mostly though, is anyone that actually makes priority decisions at Wyze reading this forum? 2.5 years… custom notification sounds … not a new invention.

I’d love to be able to hear (TTS}, “Front Door Open” or “Motion in Living Room” as issues to a generic sound for every notification.

This looks like the thread I initially started.
Not really sure what you mean by play a “special sound”. A special sound created by Wyze? I think it would be best if the users can pick from whatever sound they have on their iPhones. There are some of us who may want to create their own sound versus your “special sound”. Please do the right thing and give the users the widest choice possible.

On my Android phone, I recorded my own voice to create some sound files that I use for notifications for text messages from specific people or group conversations, and from another vendors security cameras. I want to do that for Wyze notifications, customizable down to the specific device and even further, down to specific notifications from each device, and finally, perhaps an option for time of day… perhaps one alert for daytime, a different one for night, that type of thing.

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Add the ability to customize notification sounds for individual devices.

For example, when a door sensor xx is opened, I’d like to have a different notification sound from when there is motion on camera xx. With all devices and triggers having the exact same notification sound, it all becomes noise. I want to take a different action based on which device is active.

Hello WyzeKenny!
Would you please provide current status? And, since this is the first time I’ve used this forum, and I don’t know the ropes: Will everyone who has commented be notified when this feature is released?

Right now at the top of the thread it is tagged as in development when it is released it will say launched at the top of this thread

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