Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

It works great on an Android phone but as we all know apple has a closed operating system

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It would also be good to be able to set different alert priorities. For example, I want Do-Not-Disturb settings to apply for 99% of Wyze notifications while I sleep, but I want the Video Doorbell to ignore Do Not Disturb and still sound an alert when someone presses the VDB button. Had an issue with that today…missed an important VDB call, but didn’t want all the other alerts waking me up pointlessly.

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It would be helpful if the doorbell cam notification could be set as different from the other cam and other wyze app notifications, with the ability to set a unique sound and priority level (android)

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I got an email from you saying the above and to vote (for the topic’s importance?) somewhere on the upper left of this page. Nope, the word “vote” isn’t on this page. So just sign me up for an improvement that SHOULD have existed as standard issue Wyze Cams in the first place, like it is with all Android phones.
Imagine- a different sound notification for an actual intrusion into the Wyze cams vision! What’s that called?
Oh, ya; an ALERT!


Did you scroll to the top of thread? (See pic below)

I want this just as much as you do and I voted for it. :wink:


100% they were more interested in spitting out new product than sporting their customers. It was insulting to be told to vote on something that should have been included from the beginning. This should have been priority one. I like Wyze products but this says a lot about them as a company. Just waiting to be bought out.

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Thanks, Gwendolyn. That was the longest scroll I’ve ever done, but I found the “VOTE” button at the top. What does that say about the topic of DESPERATELY NEEDING DIFFERENT NOTIFICATION SOUNDS FOR WYZE CAMS? As you already know, that says this is badly needed and LOTS of folks have asked for it, thus making the page harder to scroll due to customer concern over this topic.
PLEASE push this modification harder.
I’m holding off on recommending Wyze cams to friends, adding more to my collection already installed, and getting these “incomplete” cameras as gifts until this “fatal flaw” is corrected.

FYI, for future reference, when reading the forum on a phone browser, there should be a little blue box with the post number out of total posts off to the bottom right, like 309/309, and we can just click on that and either jump to post #1 immediately, or scroll using the little blue side-bar that shows up, and it moves really fast (also shows the date of the posts).

Otherwise, it does take FOREVER to manually scroll to the top of long threads and then scroll back down to the bottom again (on a computer browser the blue sidebar is usually present most of the time with the 309/309 next to it too).

I usually only use that when I need to go up to vote on wishlist items or to refer to what was originally said by a Wyze employee in the original post…but it is very helpful when the threads get so long so we don’t have to scroll forever. :wink:

Every vote helps, so if anyone else needs to do this to go vote, hopefully this will save you from tons of scrolling so that you’ll go vote too. :smiley:


Separate notifications for each device so that one can have different notification sounds on your phone for different events. It is kind of annoying to receive a notification for low battery on your vacuum and think maybe you left the door open or unlocked or you got a package delivered.

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Do we need to vote again even though we voted for this current topic?

Please, please, please add or change the notification sound for the doorbell from the generic notification sound. 90% of notifications use this sound, so if the doorbell notification is triggered, it’s the same as all others and is easy to ignore. A ding-dong sound would be great!


I scrolled around, never did see a Vote button.

go to the very top of this page where you see the title and you will see the button on the left. it shall look like this. ( it is marked past tense here as I have already voted ) click on that and it will changed from vote to voted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any way you can add a feature to the app so that we can pick a different alert tone for motion events?

I tried to scroll to the top of the page, after about a dozen times dragging the window slider to the top, more stuff just kept adding to the top, so I never got to the top. This forum design leaves a LOT to be desired. I’m getting frustrated at seeing and scrolling tons of crap about products that I seriously doubt that I’ll ever purchase and looking at old posts with now irrelevant and outdated information.

Yeah, I told the filter that I only want to see posts for this year, and instead of filling the page with just those posts, I merely get positioned way down on the page and thus Wyze is about as bad as the endless scroll known as facebook.

I’m not a novice, been dealing with IT and computers since punch cards, I know my way around and still program and run multiple operating systems, etc.

no worries, it’s just a matter of learning how to navigate it. it happens from time to time.

so using my graphic here, you appear to have been using the slider the yellow arrow was pointed at and yes, that will lead to the endless scroll.

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this is something that is actively being worked on at this time but as it is in the works being tweaked we cant leak any secrets about the future design yet. but I can say it will be much easier to navigate.

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With your help, I now see the alternate scroll gadget and I voted.
Hate to sound pessimistic, but this thread started in 2018 and looks like nothing has been done. I’m running Android 10 and I can only customize the sound for the whole Wyze app, not individual cameras, which is what I need.

I’ve read that apps are available that allow routing of notifications based on the text they send and then being able to customize the sound for that event.

But I avoid apps for security reasons, this should be part of the Wyze app itself, IMHO.


You can also tap the title at the top of the thread and it will instantly take you to the top.