Different Alert Sound For Wyze Notifications

I came here this evening to raise this same question that has apparently been brewing here for some time. Allow me to illustrate with a very real-world example–my own.

I have a basic Wyze camera in my garage. I added a Wyze Sense contact sensor to monitor my garage door. I have the app set up to notify every time the garage door opens or closes, and when the door has been open for longer than a given time. It all works beautifully with the exception of the notifications. All three notifications use the same sound–the sound also used by the Walmart app to alert me that I haven’t spent enough money there. (and several other apps use the same tone).

This weekend I set up a second camera (a pan/tilt model) to monitor one of the two litterboxes in the house. We have two cats at present and someone has been leaving illicit deposits outside that litter box. When that motion sense trips, we want to see it ASAP and see what’s going on down there. And of course, its the same sound as ther garage uses.

This afternoon, that default tone sounded, it might have been the garage door, it might have been Walmart, Kroger or one of several other stores that miss us, or it might have been that one of my cats was using the litter box. But right after that alert, another alert sounded on my devices. I knew in under a second that the Ring doorbell at my front door had detected motion. And I’ll admit that I laughed. It can’t be all that hard adding custom sounds if Ring did it.

Here’s the bottom line. Yes, i could use an additional app or two to give the Wyze alerts unique sounds. I could handle it, but my wife would have a cat. She’s not an engineer or a tech geek like me. If Wyze wants to grow market share and revenue, it needs an app that can give the desired results to my non-tech wife (“it just works”) along with the flexibility I prefer (“hmmm… if I do this and this, I could probably do that. Let’s build it and see.”)

It all depends on what Wyze wants where the company wants the future to go. The app as it is isn’t usable for serious security applications. When we get an alert, we need to know what it is, preferably without having to look at the screen.




DFC, Whew!!! I kept expecting to read that you had an intruder or some serious security issue that you ignored due to being numb to the alert since it’s the same as all the alerts you mentioned. Thank goodness that wasn’t what you came here to say.

This option not being offered is a real problem. I too have sensors on the front door and our garage door. I have the alert sound off which I’d love to have on during the night but it’d be sounding off for other things and would probably just be ignored. Or I’d be waken up constantly with them all going off.

It’s a shame that my device alerts aren’t even turned on during the most vulnerable time (at night while we sleep). This is becoming a deal breaker unfortunately. We have 2 sensors and 4 cameras. I purchased my first camera when the company was brand new as in THE very first order batch so I feel a loyalty to Wyze but mannnnn, it seems like this option should have been available from the start or at least by now.

Dude, I agree completely on ALL accounts :+1: it is irritating.

Spot on suggestion! I would also add that we need to get notifications when we have our phones in Do Not Disturb mode. Possibly sending notifications as text messages which would allow us to setup a Favorite Contact which then would bypass the DND mode.

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@WyzeGwendolyn is there any news on this old request? Is in on the roadmap?

yes ios sound defaut, then ability to change by camera please!

It’s been long enough. This request has been around for a couple of years… long before the Wyze Vacuum and Wyze Sprinkler “thing”. My Ring Camera says, “There’s a person at your Front Door”… wow… how about that!!! My Wyze cams (9 of them) all sound the same notification tone. Not good. The time is now to get this issue resolved.

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Thanks. That helps. I was able to change mine to. How did u set different tone for diff camera … i did not see any option there. Only options I see is Wyze message and notification manager. Not sure whats the difference.

I think there should be capability to have diff notification tones either per camera, per type of event or both! And agree with other people’s saying … this is something “must have” for security related app … not just nice to have …