Did you experience any login issues with this new forum?

Wyze is aware and working on the problem with Chrome on Mac.

Thanks L. I tracked the issue down to a missing email that had the verification code I needed to use. When I resubmitted the request I did receive a working verification code.

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I tried making a forum account before I had a main wyze account. It went through with the creation even sending me confirmation emails, but when I went to change some account information like username and profile information it wouldn’t accept my password. I ended up going from the main wyze.com page and making an account again. Once logged in from there I was able to edit my profile without any problems.

Also had some issues somewhere along the way when trying to change account info where it auto filled my email and then told me to enter a valid email, but wouldn’t let me even edit that box. In the end it all worked out though. :crazy_face:

Yes I did. Forced me to reset my password several times.

yes I did , like 5 pages of usernames and login again.

Page doesn’t always load completely for me so I’ll get half a form. I don’t experience this with other forums based on Discourse.

How are you accessing the forum? What form is it that’s not loading?

I access the forum at https://forums.wyzecam.com/ using a Chromium-based Browser with Windows 10 as the OS. I think they are at version 77+ now. The form that doesn’t load is the login form where you enter your username and password. Simply takes several tries to load it properly and get logged in.

Thanks for the info. I know there have been some problems with Chrome and the forum. I’ll pass this along to Wyze. It all seems to be related to the Wyze banner at the top which is a customization of Discourse. If you are so inclined, you could report it yourself to https://meta.discourse.org/c/support.

I could not login to the forums tonight. I have my pw.
I reset it, used the reset number, put the exact same pw in and I am logged in.
I have no explanation for this.
What could be causing this? I am using chrome on windows 10.

I really don’t know, but let us know if it happens again. For now I guess we’ll hope it was just a one off glitch.

I clicked a forum link in an email.
It stalls on
That’s where the problem lies with the forum login. I reloaded a few times and it finally presented me a filled login page. It worked after that, but I have seen this problem before.

Can you try a different browser? I know there have been some issues reported with Chrome.

One other thing you could do is hop over to https://meta.discourse.org/c/support and see if they can help. I would put something on there for you, but they will probably want to get more specifics from you and there’s no point in having me in the middle.

Oh, that would have been with firefox, on windows 7. Sorry. I am using a different computer at the moment. I’m just reporting the problem, I don’t need support.

I had the exact same problem at one time. The IP address of that server resolved to somewhere in China. After a few days, it started resolving to a server in Seattle and it stopped taking so long.

I don’t know how or why, but when I tried to log in with my account info I set up in the app, the website aid my password was wrong, so I clicked “forgot password”, and never received an email to reset it. I logged out of the app and tried to log back in and it said my password was incorrect, so I “reset” it to exactly what it was before, but then tried to log into the web site and it said my password was incorrect even though I had literally just reset it and was using the same password. Then I clicked on the “wyze” log in the middle of the webpage and somehow I was logged in.

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Interesting. Not heard of this happening before, so guessing it was a one-off glitch.

I created a login on the main page when buying my products. I had issues using the site to buy my products but I guess that is another story. When I came to the forums I hit the sign in button at the top right of the screen and it would act like it was logging me in but when the screen refreshed, the sign in button was still there. I tried to register but when the registration screen opened up all of my info was pre populated. I clicked ok and finally I was signed into the forums.

Thanks for the info, @djlogic26. I will let Wyze know about this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know! Are you still encountering login problems or was that only for registration?