Did you experience any login issues with this new forum?

Wyze is aware and working on the problem with Chrome on Mac.

Thanks L. I tracked the issue down to a missing email that had the verification code I needed to use. When I resubmitted the request I did receive a working verification code.

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I tried making a forum account before I had a main wyze account. It went through with the creation even sending me confirmation emails, but when I went to change some account information like username and profile information it wouldn’t accept my password. I ended up going from the main wyze.com page and making an account again. Once logged in from there I was able to edit my profile without any problems.

Also had some issues somewhere along the way when trying to change account info where it auto filled my email and then told me to enter a valid email, but wouldn’t let me even edit that box. In the end it all worked out though. :crazy_face:

Yes I did. Forced me to reset my password several times.