Did you experience any login issues with this new forum?


I know this is off subject but I was wondering when do you expect the forum be Done, open ,running , rock and rollin ?


We have one remaining task related to login that we need to complete, if things go well should finish it, review the content, and go live within the next few days. We will make sure to post an announcement when we are ready. Thanks for the patience.

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I’m not impatient I just wondering :smile:


Update, after some testing, the task related to login is fixed. We will launch today, thanks for participating!


My, you’re up early! @WyzeMark

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I keep seeing messages that I cannot post because the forum is down for maintenance, though obviously can. I posted this.


I think you are seeing those messages in the old forum, which you may have gotten to by clicking a link in an older email. That forum is read only since the new forum, here, went live.


We are working on this, will keep you posted once fixed. We are avoiding complete shutdown of those URLs because they’ve been google search indexed so we are looking for ways to redirect, but this approach will take more time.


I had to create a new username for some reason because it didn’t let me use my old username… Not sure why but it says it was taken… But I had the username with the old forum


This login issue is getting old. Several times over the last year my iPhone app lost the login and when I tried to put in my password it would not take it. It was necessary to use the forgot password help to make a new password. (it happened to my wife’s iPhone also but not my iPad) It then locked me out because I tried too many times. I tried to log onto the web site from my iMac but was also locked out and needed to use forgot may password again. I tried to send a note to support but it would not send from my computer, I tried to call support but they said there was no one available and to call back. THEN I tried this forum and still could not login with my old password and again had to use the forgot my password to login and ask if anybody can help me.

As far as I am concerned this camera and app are not dependable because each time this has happened I needed to check my garage door to see if it was closed and couldn’t log in. Anybody have any idea what is going on.



I don’t know why your are getting locked out, but this does not appear to be a widespread problem. Now that you are back in, I would try again to submit a support ticket so they can examine the server logs to try to see what’s happening with your account.


No problem logging in to the forum, or the app but the same credentials are rejected from wyze.com and wyzecamera.com.


I would be careful with those other two domains. I’m not sure Wyze owns those. Using your credentials at any other site besides wyzecam.com may be risky.


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wyze.com redirects to wyzecam.com

wyzecamera.com shows as a parked domain at GoDaddy

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wyze.com is owned by us but wyzecamera.com is definitely not us. :slight_smile:

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Actually, yes, I did. So I created a new user account to post to the forum, but I must have not verified the account with the code you all sent, as when I tried to login when I had some time, I had to select “reset password”, at which point I was presented with a screen which requested the authorization code, and asked me to input the new password twice. When I did all that and clicked next, I got a “page unavailable” or something similar. I had to go back to the previous page and repeat the process, and it worked that time


I get a rejection on my username/password, but I am already logged in. Also if I open a item in a new tab it on occasion says I am not logged in.

Even if I reset my password, the new forum will reject my credentials.


I’d try deleting cookies/website data for everything “wyze”. You might have a corrupted login cookie stored.

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Yes, have problems logging in. It seems that if I log in and change browser tabs or use the browser Back button to go to another Wyze page I have to log in again. Before responding to this question radio button I had already logged in twice. When I clicked on the “Yes” radio button I got the log in page again.


Yes via Chrome on my mac, keep getting incorrect password. Chrome on my Android phone works fine, although I don’t dare log out.