Did no one test the WCO against morning dew?

I live in northern New England and we get 30 degree temperature changes between day and night. Until the sun comes up and heats the camera up I get videos like the attached. It also won’t film on its own and will only film When Wyze sense tells it to.

I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? It’s like the lens and PIR sensor have so much cold dew on them that they can’t function. I have multiple cameras outside my residence and this is the only camera that behaves this way.

I will say during the day it is been great to keep a log of when the door opens and closes and the person detection has been amazing.

Try placing something over the top of the cam to provide an overhang for the lens itself. I get the same problem on my windows here in NC but only the ones the Sun directly strikes. I have V2’s with covers that have this built in and it does this plus shelters from direct raindrops on the lens.

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Since the camera is asleep until something wakes it, it doesn’t stsy warm enough to fend off the morning dew.
The V2 and Pan don’t have this problem since they are warm from being on all of the time.
I’m wondering how the WCO is going to survive our North East winters. :slightly_smiling_face:


It will be interesting. I’m still using it well within it’s humidity and temperature range that it’s rated for. My battery powered ring cameras outside don’t have this issue at all.

try hanging it higher if you can ( hopefully somewhere high enough the moisture wont settle on it much)

Hmm the Ring counterpoint is intriguing. Wonder what the difference would be.

None of my outdoor cameras (including Wyze when I had them) have been affected by dew or humidity? Maybe the ones shown in this thread have a bad seal?

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Same here. None of my WCOs are protected by overhangs. I have 30F degree temp swings between day and night. The current temp is 74F and the dew point is 74F. Typical mid-Atlantic morning… it’s 100% RH outside and everything is saturated with dew, but my WCO views are clear.

Edit: Note that all of my WCOs are angled down slightly. It appears that the OP’s cam is level.

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The trick is to angle the WCO down a bit … as others have said! Easy fix!


From another thread, and I assume this is the same, the dew builds up on the outdide of the camera.

Sometimes it does, however over on the Eufy forums someone posted a tear down that showed water had gotten inside directly on the inside of the lense in a camera whose seal failed. So while it’s far more likely it’s on the outside it can be on the inside.