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well Loki did you see the picture? and again my plugs only have on/off option, i don’t see “Has been on/off” option if i did i would not have any issues would I? plug firmware Ver is 1.20.56

Loki isn’t signed on ATM, but I’m sure he will respond when he can.

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i see what Loki is talking about, that option is available if you want to trigger the plug by itself, but if you add the plug in the action section of the trigger then On/Off is the only option. here is the rule i tried to set up. under add device trigger i added a one CAM to be triggered when a person is detected, then under add action I added a plug to turn on a light. everything works fine. however that light will remain on forever. i wanted to turn it off after few minutes. thank you all for your help

Yes, trigger the Plug by itself. My Bulb person detection is:

  • ON: Camera sees person, turns on Bulb
  • OFF: Bulb is on for 60 seconds (a second, separate rule)

So just create a second rule that turns the Plug off, if the Plug has been on for xx seconds.

yes i did that exactly , but that is 2 separate rules, i wanted to be able to combine them into one, with 2 separate rules , it means that anytime my plus is on it will go off when the 2nd rule applies after few minutes

If you are to take the light seriously, it can only be used for one purpose. Also, flipping the light on for other reasons would cover up any notification attempts.

In any case, this is the only way it can be done,

yes thank you, the reason i listed this issue was to hope that maybe in the future Wyze team will allow combinations of rules in to one event

Your original problem was you couldn’t figure out how to turn the light off. NOW it is a wish that maybe in the future the Wyze team will allow combinations of rules to one event.

But I can’t for the life of me imagine a rule that would signal you if a person approaches, but still allow regular use of the lamp. They are diametrically opposed to one another. Still, more power in the rules would always be appreciated!


Oh yes I can, I could also have the Plug scheduled to turn the lights on /off during certain hrs of the day, that is why combining rules is very beneficial

I think what he means is using that scenario if your light is on due to it being during certain hours it won’t turn on by the detection because it is already on



First, sorry, I’ve been offline most of the day.

I do see that you have a Wyze plug. I’m not sure why you weren’t in the Early Backers group, but you are now. This topic has been moved over to #early-access since this is the only group that has the plugs at this point.

That said, I see from the above that you now know that you can create a rule trigger based on the plug being on for a certain amount of time, but you cannot combine this trigger with other triggers or combine the trigger with a schedule.

For these features, there are two related existing #wishlist topics that you may want to hop over to and vote for and/or comment on:

Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

Create one shortcut / rule with multiple conditional triggers

You may also want to read about How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.


Hi Loki: thanks for your response I followed all the links you sent me. I will make 2 last comments.
1- it would be nice to have all features of a given product (Plug or bulb) to be available every where whether they are used in trigger or in the action section
2- it would be great to allow more than one action to take place for each triggered event; Thank you

I’m sorry, I’m not understanding your meaning here. Could you amplify a bit, maybe with an example.

This you can already do. When you are creating a new rule, after you add an action, just tap “Add Action” again to add another.

Hi Loki for the no 1:

If you add the plugs in the Tigger sections you will see 4 options to chose from ON, OFF, Has been On for xx minutes, Has been off for xx minutes. However if the trigger is a CAM and you select Plug as an action, then the only options
for the plug is ON, or OFF. That is why I said all the features should be available no matter where you select the plug.

For number 2, yes you are correct, however since I have selected the plug in the Action section, then the only choice is ON/OFF as explained in no 1 above. However if No 1 is fixed No 2 will also be fixed. Thank you for all your support

I think we have a little misunderstanding about how the rules work. In the Action section, you are choosing what you want to have happen when the condition in the Trigger section occurs. For the plug, the only ACTIONS that can be taken are to turn it on or off. It doesn’t make sense for an ACTION to be “plug has been on for X”.

If you want to have a plug go off after it’s been on for X time, then you would create a new rule with trigger “plug has been on for X” and and ACTION “turn off”.

That said, I do see that the Action options for the plug are labelled “Turns On/Off”. It would be more grammatically correct if the options were labeled “Turn On/Off”. I will pass this feedback along to Wyze so that the “s” might be removed in a future update.

Does this help?


I am sorry but you are incorrect just because you can’t see it, or it does not make sense to you, it doesn’t mean there is no use for it, buy limiting the features of the plug you are limiting its use. Here is simple scenario. 1- I have
a CAM to be triggered if a person in detected. 2 then in ACTION-1 I will have a plug to turn on a lamp, and in ACTION 2 I will have plug to turn OFF the same light after being ON for 5 minutes. All in one action/trigger event, not 2. This way I still have
the plug and light available if I want to schedule the same lamp to turn on and off during the night. Wyze plug has that capability already, why not allow users to use them in any scenario they can come up with. Not just the one you can think of



CAM Detects a Person

ADD Action:

Wyze Plug = Turn ON

Wyze Plug = Turn Off after it has been on for 00.05.00

I don’t know why this does not make sense to you

I agree with you that it would be nice to have multiple actions but at this time rules only support 1 action hence the reason he posted the links to vote for the change in wishlist.

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Actually, there can be multiple actions on a single trigger, but not nested triggers. See my reply to @kooryh below.

Okay, I see what you’re asking for now. The example helps.

This may be a matter of semantics, but the “turn off after it’s been on for five minutes” is not just an action; it is a secondary trigger plus a new action. What you are asking for is a secondary, or second level trigger. Another term for this is conditional triggers, which is covered by the #wishlist topic here: Create one shortcut / rule with multiple conditional triggers. Please hop over there and vote for and/or comment on it (your use case would be a good comment). Note that the topic is “in development”.

But… it’s complicated. In your example, you want to turn the bulb off after five minutes only if it was turned on by a person detection. This requires the system to “remember” what turned the bulb on: a schedule or a person detection. What if the bulb turned on by schedule during the five minutes after it was turned on by a person detection? Like I said, complicated. This is going to take some very careful user interface design by Wyze to prevent undefined or conflict situations in the rules.


Have voted already thank you

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