Device Triggers

I have one of my CAMs Trigger a plug when the cam detects a Person. but the plug stays on and wont turn off after the detection is over. this means if i have light attached to the plug it would stay on forever. any suggestion to set a time for the plug to stay on then go off

I do that now directly with a Wyze bulb. Is this thru IFTTT or to a Wyze Plug? In my case Person detection turns the bulb on, a second separate rule turns the bulb off anytime it has been on for 60 seconds.

I even mixed in a motion sensor. Motion turns the same bulb on, motion sensor ‘clear’ turns it off.

Not using IFTT, just a wyze plug and a wyze cam and a regular Lamp

Does my suggestion help? I don’t have a Wyze Plug yet.

not realty, so you can set up time for the smart bulb to stay on?

I created a second, separate ‘Device Trigger’ Rule that says if the Bulb Has Been On For 1 minute, then Turn Off the Bulb. Hopefully something like that exists for the Plug.

that option is not available for the plug, if it was i would not have any issues. i hope they consider adding time limit option for the plugs as weel

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Can you tell me which version of the app you are using?


That option is in fact available for the plug in the current iOS Wyze app:

That said, are you sure you are using a WYZE plug? The reason I ask is that the plugs are only available in Early Access now and the first ones just shipped. I do not show you as a member of the Early Access group. Please explain.


Yes i am sure

Did you find the trigger @Loki mentioned? That’s what I use on my Bulb.

How did you get your hands on one so quick?

My Wyze app ver is 2.5.45 and my plugs do not have these options just on and off

well Loki did you see the picture? and again my plugs only have on/off option, i don’t see “Has been on/off” option if i did i would not have any issues would I? plug firmware Ver is 1.20.56

Loki isn’t signed on ATM, but I’m sure he will respond when he can.

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i see what Loki is talking about, that option is available if you want to trigger the plug by itself, but if you add the plug in the action section of the trigger then On/Off is the only option. here is the rule i tried to set up. under add device trigger i added a one CAM to be triggered when a person is detected, then under add action I added a plug to turn on a light. everything works fine. however that light will remain on forever. i wanted to turn it off after few minutes. thank you all for your help

Yes, trigger the Plug by itself. My Bulb person detection is:

  • ON: Camera sees person, turns on Bulb
  • OFF: Bulb is on for 60 seconds (a second, separate rule)

So just create a second rule that turns the Plug off, if the Plug has been on for xx seconds.

yes i did that exactly , but that is 2 separate rules, i wanted to be able to combine them into one, with 2 separate rules , it means that anytime my plus is on it will go off when the 2nd rule applies after few minutes

If you are to take the light seriously, it can only be used for one purpose. Also, flipping the light on for other reasons would cover up any notification attempts.

In any case, this is the only way it can be done,

yes thank you, the reason i listed this issue was to hope that maybe in the future Wyze team will allow combinations of rules in to one event