Device showing offline in Multi-Camera view

You donot need to climb if it is just power cycle.
If you know the curcuit breaker number the tge power supply connected to,. you can turn off/ wait 30 sec back on the breaker.

pressing reset butyon and changing sd card is different story. Yes, it is a pain climbup especially outdoor.

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Morning 2022

Went out and waved in front cam

No Events, no notifications.

It is not firmware issue.

I’m getting very tired of this problem. I’ve tried everything, Ungrouping, Power cycle the camera, removing camera and reinstalling it. Nothing seems to work. At this point a large hammer is about to solve this problem.

What type of camera is this happening on, what app version number are you running and what version of firmware is on the camera?

I’m having the same issue. It’s a wyze pan cam. Everything seems to be up to date. None of the fixes work to permanently resolve the issue. Every now and again it’ll come back on in the multi camera view, but it’ll go back to appearing offline in a day or so.

I am having all kinds of issues with my Wyze products as the the past few weeks. Cams showing offline but livestream fine, like this thread is mentioning (the fixes here do not work) but also my Wyze Plug stopped functioning (it adds to my app just fine, but doesn’t turn on or off or let me update firmware - like it isn’t actually connected to my wifi), Outdoor base hub goes from solid blue to blinking blue every 20 or so seconds even though it is plugged in directly to my router.

It is kinda a mess right now.