Device Group, not turning off all color bulbs

Over the last few weeks all of my color bulbs inside a group will not turn off from the group power.

It always turns off just one bulb, next press will turn it back on, 3rd press will turn off 2 bulbs, next will turn both on, 5th will go back to just turning off just one of the 3 bulbs in the group.

The same pattern happens in all 4 of my groups. The only thing that has changed recently is an app update. (Although I am running the beta test app on another device, not being used to turn the lights on/off)

If you go into the light group from the color/theme view that power button will work correctly. It’s just the power buttons from the main device list screen that seems to not work.

Anyone else notice this?

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What is the version of the app that you are controlling the bulbs with? What version of firmware is on the bulbs? Where are the bulbs located? What type of fixture?

Yes, I am having the exact same problem. I have deleted the color bulbs from the app and paired again after deleting and installing the app again on my phone. Still the same problem exist, as you described. All lights in a group turn on/off as expected if entering the group of bulbs and turning on or off from there, but the main app screen will not turn all bulbs (4 per group) on and off as expected.
FYI, Google Home works as expected for turning all lights on and off.
I suspect this must be a problem with the Wyze app. Bulbs up until a few months ago all worked as expected with the Wyze app.
Wyze app version 2.33.0 (17)
Color bulb firmware version

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This sounds like a bug, for both of you I would submit an app log via the app, then contact Support and provide them with the information and log number from the submitted log so that all the info can be forwarded to the Eng/Dev teams.

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That was my thought as well, just couldn’t find anyone else post about it. I posted a log and note in the Beta app about it.

Color bulbs are on latest version
iPhone app on latest
iPhone testing beta app is on latest 2.34.0 (3) (still has issue)

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So is it the production app, or the beta app that you are having this issue? Based on your first post I read it as the production app was having the issue.

yes and yes, the issue happens on both. I beta test the app on a separate dedicate device.

I am having the exact same problem. Any solutions ?

I believe that the solution will be for Wyze to fix the app. 2 work-arounds are:

  1. Use Google Home to control the lights using voice or app
  2. Use the Wyze app, but go into the bulb group and use the power on/off button

What about a shortcut, anyone made a shortcut to turn the group on? Does that work normally?