Develop an External IR Blaster/Illuminator


I’m not sure if this is a new idea or one I just couldn’t find elsewhere.

How about making an option to disable onboard IR and at the same time introduce a more powerful external USB powered IR blaster. Perhaps it could have a photocell built in so it’s not on all day but even without it the energy consumption would be negligible. This will serve a few purposes.

One could install it outside to avoid the inevitable window reflection.
It could be installed some distance away from the camera to avoid bright reflection from taillights ect.
It could provide a boost to the onboard IR so it could reach deeper into the room/outside.
Also, if you think about it this would be a perfect fit since there’s already a built in USB-A port on the back of your cameras.

I can’t think of a better time to introduce this new feature than with the introduction of another fabulous and simple device.


They’re already working on turning off the onboard lights and still having night mode. As soon as this is available, I’ll probably install some off the shelf motion based (or not) IR lights. My biggest problem outside of car headlights is bugs, bugs and more bugs, so I want to move all light sources away from the camera. If you put the camera inside and the lights outside, you still have the issue of running a cord if you power it from the USB.

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OHMYGOSHYES, the bugs! I also have spiders who set up camp on my external cameras to catch the bugs. UGH


It’s January, I can’t imagine what summer is going to be like.

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Yeah, mine are under a soffit so it would work perfect for me not to mention even just moving the light to another part of the window still shining out just from a different location would help. Also, if you want to move it outside you could just install a USB outlet and an in use cover in your exterior receptacle… That’s actually how I powered my camera in the first place. Another option would be to have a battery built in and a solar panel to charge said battery to use at night, this setup could be clipped to the gutter, just an idea.

Yes! I totally didn’t think of the bugs… They will be a nightmare this summer. We need to get moving on this solution.


I started another thread about separate IR sources in the other section of the forum.

Even if they are delayed in getting the off switch for the onboard IR lights, I think having other, brighter sources to attract the bugs would help with the false alarms. Feel free to toss some ideas around over there.

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Working with some of my cameras that are mounted inside looking outside highlights issues with looking through glass in night mode.

Suggest to software enable/disable the IR iluminator in the cameras and develop/support an exterior IR illuminator that could be mounted somewhere outside.

The camera should be able to see the IR light reflecting off objects iluminated by the remote iluminator without the issue due to reflection from glass windows.


The ability to turn off the integral IR LEDs was introduced in Wyze App 2.2.x. This applies to the V2 and Pan cameras (V1 hardware does not support it).

Until Wyze develops their own external illuminators, there are several available on Amazon. Make sure you get 940nm for the Pan and 850nm for the V2.


Outdoor A19 ir bulb Linda like the lifex ones


An IR emitter that is from a source other than the camera to better light faces or whatever would be nice. Having a higher end IR source which is not human visible would be nice.


I just setup the wyze cam outside and the ir light is pretty weak, I know this is an indoor camera, but i was wondering if you could create an ir light add on that can connect to the usb port and attach ontop of the camera for extra distance and that would be run by the camera’s evenys