Detection Zone Turned Itself Off

Just curious - being new, is it just the stock firmware? Or did you join the beta testing and load the beta firmware? If this is affecting different fw versions, then it may be a server side bug. In any case, it seems the only way to get wyze attention for these bugs are to submit a log, then tag a wyze employee on here, on Facebook, on discord, on twitter with some details about the bug until one replies, then hope they can get an update on the issue assuming it’s a known problem.

I try once a week to open the goog Play Store and “update apps” This was after update app - no beta…

I have a pair of the same 10" tablets - 4 cams on each to pretty much give me about 270* view around my house. And 7 Night Owl on another hard wire system. So exterior is pretty well covered. I badly injured my spine in 2015 and spend 23/7 in a recliner so cams are my eyes when it can take me a minute or two to physically get to a window if there is a noise other than simple traffic.

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I’m on the standard firmware. Being new, I’m not willing to venture into beta territory, at least not until I understand the idiosyncrasies of the regular version.

I run beta app on my iPhone and regular on my iPad so can double check if a bug affecting something is app related, but it’s not always obvious since so many bugs persist through many beta iterations. But I have simple needs so not really pushing the functionality of the app so I’m little help. I agree - as a new user it’s best to avoid the betas unless you are having problems that are clearly fixed in a beta. The app is easy to revert to the retail version but firmware not so easy.

I can empathize. I ruptured just one disc at L4-L5 and was pretty limited - I could barely walk 50 yds without extreme pain and losing ability to move my right leg. I was lucky that minimally invasive surgery was successful. Nerve damage never reverts back to normal but it’s been livable for 15 yrs now. Sorry to hear of your spine problems.

Anyway, wyze is fine for live streaming and person detection is generally decent. I have one cam sideways for a vertical view and person detection generally still works well, facial recognition did not fare so well. Image quality is good and the price is budget friendly. I wouldn’t rely on wyze for security monitoring due to the constant stream of bugs though. But for general monitoring it’s generally reliable enough. It seems a lot of people use tiny cam pro on android tablets for enhanced multi cam viewing.

There have been some users that complain of issues when they moved past 5 cams. I only have 2 and a db and 2 old beta db I use just for live streaming since the app doesn’t do much for them anymore. Not sure the higher number of cams is a wifi bandwidth issue or app issue. Some say deploying a mesh wifi system fixed all their problems.

non operable - the wires from my pacemaker that have kept me alive for 20+ years react VERY badly in an MRI to the point it would cauterize veins shutting off blood to my heart - death. And without an MRI all the docs say is YES you need surgery and are totally out of luck because we can’t tell where to operate… Sorry live with it… pain 24/7

Some hours are good, some real bad and I never know. Its not improved over the years and a couple of strains have made it worse. Walking day before this happened I did 3 miles - today 50-75 FEET. I have to sit in a chair to do basic cooking and washing dishes etc. (office high back that leans back) Wyze cameras have become my eyes to see noises outside my home… or the truck tire that came off and rolled till it hit my fence where it bounced up on to my roof, rolled across the roof and came down at the other end of the house… an interesting bit of video footage. Cameras caught it when all I heard was the bang of it landing on my roof.

I know this is off topic. But worth some bit of continuing. My pacemaker is a Medtronic that is MRI safe. In fact I just had one earlier this year to check on the valves and artery repairs. I just got the pacemaker in 2019 after 3 valve replacements, an aortic aneurysm repair and some artery repairs from ‘97-2015. All the heart repairs and scar tissue eventually resulted in an A-V block. My HR was dropping to the 40s, at the gym yet! which thankfully my Apple Watch caught. Since I had a cardiologist appt coming up I waited and showed him my HR and EKG satchel data - got me a holter monitor to wear and 2 days later, I was scheduled for the pacemaker. HR was dropping into 20s - doc was amazed I never passed out. Although the pacemaker itself is not a difficult replacement, the leads are difficult and not trivial.

That low back area is miserable. My ex had repaired disc surgery when she was young, well before MRIs and it was a big deal, major surgery and the scar tissue cause problems for decades. Eventually had some follow up repairs and it was better but nerve issues are pretty much forever. Surprised they can’t get enough info from X-rays and a scope to do a repair.

Got my first April 1, 2001… result of a bad motorcycle accident July 1967… Drs had chased what they read as a heart attack for 2 yrs, cardiac cath was very clear at that time I weighed 310 took no meds - still don’t -ate tons of salt… wore a holter monitor 2 weeks before and cardio stated can’t find anything so let me know if there is a problem or I’ll see you next year… two weeks and felt like I had a upper resp issue over the weekend. Saw my GP end of day Monday and [Mod Edit] hit the fan. bp 49/42 pulse 28 . within two+ hr I was in OR getting pacer installed that night. Next day I felt great but cardio wanted this massive neuro testing done in dark isolated room and finally found broken nerves spine to heart most likely from the 1967 accident then yrs of motorsports with 5 yr 4X4 racing mid 70s that didn’t have the gear and seats there is today. Beat the hell out of my body being as good as the guys.

First replacement the tech got strange readings and talking with St Jude Med came to Dr saying - too late to get you in the hospital today but nothing after midnight and I’ll see you in the AM for a pacer change… 2nd was similar… 3rd moved 2,300 miles so new Dr and oops new pacer next week… 4th the tech stated that it would need changing in 2-3 months and 4 days later the low battery alarm went off in my chest. scary Fri night… Replacement 5 days later… & because of a bug bite virus attack in 2008 that triggered a series of pulmonary embolisms my ejection is about 45%-- slight exercise body wants more O2. no matter how hard I breath the heart can not move enough O2 rich blood… triggers irreg heartbeat that just takes time to calm down… Both 1st leads placement and 2nd for defib unit had to be RE-DONE two weeks later as leads did not “stick” where they were placed. 4 pacers and 2 lead repairs both which were next day repairs… and now I am allergic to surgical tape - huge blisters after last change… The low heart output is another negative against any spinal operation. + age

Few years ago someone asked if I had any regrets – Yes that I didn’t die racing in my 30s to now live in constant pain. Even with the pacer and low heart output I had a pretty good life until the low spine injury. No meds - had brought my NY job (& pay) working the hours I wanted to the SW where I wanted to retire. 2015 spinal injury spun my world out of control forced early (before my plan) retirement and coming to terms that it is non operable… giving up my my dreams as beside not walking that vibrations of car ride can be very taxing so vacations would be spent in hotel rooms recovering to travel the next day and repeat… So different than my best solo drive 6.344 miles 7 days 8 hrs. Northern NY to Astoria OR & back to deliver a GT500 I had owned for 25 yrs. Pain can ruin my patience with people or projects. Slight body twist and pain shoots from 5 to a 15! Outlived almost all of my friends which further leads to isolation. 500 miles a YEAR is a lot for me to put on my car now. 9 months between fill ups…

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Had another V3 detection zone turn itself off. How much longer do I have to keep submitting logs?

Probably not going to get any answer here. Only option is a direct dialog with wyze to try to get an answer. I found at times after trying everything support suggested which would fail adding to the frustration, I could tag @WyzeJimmy on discord or @WyzeGwendolyn on Facebook to find out if my problem was being fixed or ignored.

Ah, how does that work? Is it a combo force-stop and clear-system-cache on the same screen like Android? Or?

??? I have no idea. I just push the home button on the bottom of the phone twice quickly then and swipe the app up off the screen. Go back to the home page and open the app again.
Before and after.

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Not like android. On iOS, swipe the app up off the screen from the app background view. On non-home button phones - those with faceID - you swipe up about 1/3-1/2 way up from bottom and it shows you all app that are in background, then swipe left/right to find those you want to close. Clearing cache is in the wyze app itself, not in a settings page.

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Thanks, Antonius.

Here’s the dance in Android 7.

Resize app window (press square ‘Recents’ button/icon),



Swiping off the resized app window to close the app in Android doesn’t have the effect this dance does.

Swiping off and restarting is often called Close and Reopen , or Restart, app.

Doing the dance I depicted is often called Force Stop/Close, with optional Clear Cache, then Reopen

The bolded aren’t ‘official’, just mine for clarity. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Chemmie

Still not sure about the ‘equivalent’ question. There may not be an equivalent because of the different natures of the OS’s. :woman_shrugging:

Also, Clearing Cache from the system screen outside the app (the third pic) seems to have a different/better effect, from my experience, than clearing App Cache within the Wyze app. :man_shrugging:

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In Android I have an app that is KILL APPS that will show running apps and then “kill” those you select.

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Hi Susan

A third party app?

Well, @newshound said I should call on him for help if I ever got focused.

Hey, newsie, am I focused?

Help! :slight_smile:

goog Play Store search “app killer” – maybe similar in iOS???

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That is the question… :slight_smile:


I’ve only seen it back in the good ole days when I was jailbreaking my iPhone - it was definitely not an Apple store app.