Detection Zone Settings Blank Again!

Ok, all 5 of my cameras lose detection zone setting every couple days… Here are the logs for two of the cameras…

LOG ID: 670743
LOG ID: 670747

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Getting so tired of having to put my phone to sleep then wake it just to fix the detection zone blank issue. Seems ridiculous that we have to provide logs when all Wyze has to do is use one of their own cameras to see the issue. Or better yet properly test App updates prior to releasing them, so the bugs are caught and fixed before we have to deal with them. Seems like every new update has issues. Here’s another suggestion, stop adding new features and just focus on fixing bugs.

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Hi resist

I understand how frustrating this must be , and I get it . I have checked all 5 of my v3’s detection zones and they all loaded the live feed of the camera . I’m not experiencing it anymore for RIGHT NOW

I’m on IOS, latest app version , v3 fw version . Maybe they’ve fixed it ?

Mine are all working now, tested 4 WCO cams, (v1 and v2 WCOs) and a few v3s and a v2. All working, all retained theirs saved state.

And yet mine just now did it again!

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So frustrating, have you tried logging out , removing app etc ?

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Yes, I’ve had to deal with Wyze issues for so long I know the troubleshooting steps.