Detection settings not accessible

Whenever I try to open my detection settings I get the spinning wait symbol. It never finishes loading and I can’t change the settings for it. I’ve reset the app, the phone, and the camera. I have several cameras and the all do the same thing. Anyone have the same problem? I didn’t are any similar topics here.

App version v2.15.51

When mine does that, it usually means my WiFi is acting up.

Hmm. I can try restarting the router and modem. But this is the only settings menu that does this. I can open everything else just fine.

I am experiencing the exact issue with all my V1 cameras. All of the V2’s are fine. I have submitted ticket number 952307.

My one v2 works fine as well. I tried submitting a ticket but can’t find it now.

Any response from Wyze on this? Same here - all cameras on the latest version but v1 won’t load this screen - v2 are fine.

Nope nothing from wyze.

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