Detection range of the new outdoor camera

I have a v2 cam, it has pretty good range of motion detection. Just curious, for the new outdoor camera, what’s the range of motion that the camera can detect?

25ft stated on website

Yes 25ft stated but real world range is about 19ft. Mine is on my house in front of the driveway. The camera is 7ft from the ground. My driveway is 38ft to the road. My outdoor cam reliably picks me up at 19ft. But… at 22ft I can spin circles and do jumping jacks, doesn’t detect me. I have range and sensitivity set to 100. The only problem is if I have a car parked behind the one close to the house it will never detect motion. I can see people on the live view very clearly, Enough to identify who they are. But the PIR won’t pick them up more than the 19ft distance. Even a cat walking very close to the camera across they driveway won’t trip the detection. But the house motion lights mounted way out on opposite corners of the house will see the cat and turn on the motion lights. Hopefully the detection distance gets improved with updates.

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Remember that the higher the camera is the shorter the detection range. My neighbor and I were playing with his, he reliably detects motion at about 23 feet but we had to move the camera down until it was 5’6” off the ground.

At 8 foot off the ground the detection range dropped to about 16 feet.

Conversely going much lower than 5 foot above the ground drastically reduces the detection range.

So camera position has a lot to do with the range.

my cam is mounted on the sidewall of our 3rd floor deck. It picks up all vehicle motion. It pick up some people but not often, even though the building entrance is in the detection zone.

My V2 is at a similar height, but inside shooting thru a window. Similar results, picks up people a little more often even half a block away.

Pixel change detection will often work at far greater distances. PIR less so, but the higher you mount a camera from the plane you want to detect motion in the less distance from the camera reliable detection will occur.