Details for Cam v3 Window Mount

The Shop page for the window mount does NOT say anything about the actual mounting mechanism, neither on the window side nor how the mount attaches to the camera. (I’ve been rather disappointed with Wyze advert pages and detail pages lately not including necessary details.)

It does not say anything about sticky pads, and I can only find a couple references to people assuming they are sticky. Yeah, it looks like some kids of pad and one assumes they would be sticky. BUT the pics also look like they could be just basic rubber pads. The camera is shown with its base pulled out and positioned in a very particular way as though it is meant to merely lean against the window as though propped up next to the window.

What about the camera side? Does it clip securely onto the camera, or is that part also sticky? I looks like it barely interfaces with the camera rather than providing a durable support. If the camera or the cord are knocked will it just fall off the mount?

Does anyone have more detail?

yeah, there are two gel adhesives that allow you to place it on the window. they are non replaceable at this point and do not allow for angling of the camera AT ALL. it is strictly a flush fit right to the window.

im not sure why there is a lack of detail but I would be glad to help where I can.

If I choose to remove the window mount, is the adhesive removable and can the window be cleaned of residue?

Does anyone answer these questions?

This is primarily a user to user forum, so usually Mavens, Mods or other users will answer questions, on occasion you may see a Wyze employee answering also