Deliver to Australia

Yes please consider shipping to Australia! I would purchase!

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Same here. Delivery to Brisbane Australia

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+1 for Australia please, this is a great product, would love to have it here

Registered on the forum just to give my thumbs up for this. Please please deliver to Australia!


Registered to give my 5 cents:

+1 for delivery to Australia





Hi, Need support - can we get camera in Australia

Australia +1^99

I had my latest order of 9 Cameras shipped via Shopmate, but their fees (AUD73) to forward it are expensive… and now have an extra 10% on top.

Strewth! Come on Wyze. Your people are suffering… you must do something quickly!

+1 for Australia

Saw this camera mentioned in an IFTTT email this morning, but cannot purchase.

If the quality is there and the equivalent price point maintained, these cameras would do very well here.

+1 for Australia

+61 for Australia !

I have got 12 cams from Wyze, shipped to Aussie shop mate post office in US then they sent it here to Brissy. I never been disappointed with anything like these cams, 1 is already not working! and the other major problem is if you dont have WIFI regardless of how fast your phone data is it would not gonna bring any live stream to your phone. This issue has been raised so many times but not even 1 proper answer or solution. there’s no point to have security cam if you have to use WIFI to see the footage! the recorded footage from cloud loads super fast but with live stream I shoud say good luck.

Thanks for the info, I’ll give them a miss then.

No point jumping through hoops to import and find power adaptors etc only to then be disappointed with actual performance and left high and dry on warranties and ability to return easily.

Hopefully a future version irons the issues out.

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I have no problem viewing live video on a cell connection. How slow is the Australian cell network? I’m on a carrier that’s limited to 8Mbps and it streams the video just fine.


Or are you saying you have the camera on a cell connection instead of landline?

Our 4G mobile network is relatively fast.

I live away from a major city in a regional area, and have a 100mbps home internet connection, and 4G phone coverage, which for most purposes is indistinguishable from my home connection.

A check online indicates that in 2017 our 4G network’s averaged around 33mpbs.

So exactly the same as US networks, and viewing anything from the cameras works fine here. Confused on what issue is really having.


Yes, please ship to Australia.

A seller on Ebay (Aus) is selling your cameras for $99 each.

Huh, that could be profitable, I could do $89!


I got two of them here in Melbourne thanks to a friend who came over on vacation last month. They’re great so far, and I’ll buy more as soon as they’re available here. But I think Wyze will have to just sign up a local distributor, as handling support from the U.S. is just not practical.

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Well, due to competition, the prices on eBay are going down. I found V2 for 62.94 with free shipping and
the Pan for 94.99 also with free shipping. I have ordered the V2. Felling excited.