Deleting Events without loading

I have to load the Event footage in order to delete the Event. Since there is a page with all the Events listed, I would like to be able to delete the Events by swiping or selecting the Events and not have to load the footage individually. Easy feature to add, right?

[Mod Edit]:Your post was moved to this category because this feature is already implemented.

To delete events in a batch, from Home Screen;
Home Screen/ Events Tab/ Funnel Icon / (Select your desired cams)/Show Results/Pencil Icon/Select All (or select just the ones you want) /Delete.

This will clear events by chosen devices page at a time without the need to load the events individually.
Hope this is what you are looking for!


Thanks, tomp.

I did not know about the funnel function. I followed this and was able to pull up all desired events, but I do not have a delete button! Or am I missing that, too?

Ah…use the pencil and then you can select all and delete. Got it now.

Thanks, tomp!!


Glad to be able to help! Enjoy!