Deleting a WCO while it is offline

I had trouble getting my second WCO to come back on line, and stay online, after it had performed well immediately after installation… I deleted the device in an attempt to reboot, after trying the other Wyze-recommended procedures. It was offline when I deleted it. Now it will not resync with my base station. A wyze support posting suggests that deleting a WCO when it is not on is a fatal error and that the camera can no longer be connected, at all! True? I got no response to my inquiry to Wyze Support a week ago.

@JackGee Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about your WCO. Do you have a support ticket number? If so, please post the number so we can try to get this escalated for you.

thanks. 189819

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Hello! We’ve been looking for this ticket but we think it may have been a log instead. Could you please check that number to make sure it’s correct? And if you sent in a log, support won’t be able to access it so you may want to send in a support ticket through the website instead.

Wyze Customer Support

Thanks for the personal attention to this one. I think you are right that I sent in a log rather than a support ticket. But I have now removed my base station and WCO from my account and replaced my WCO with a v3 cam, which is working great, like my other two v3 cams. So I have moved on.

No need to respond to this, but here is my experience, in case it is of use to you or to other customers:

My WCO worked fine for a half year before I tried to update the firmware when prompted last month. During that process my WCO went offline. I don’t know why. I tried power cycling it, rebooting the base station, and rebooting my router, all with the WCO moved to be close to the base station. And I made sure it was fully charged. No luck. I noticed that when I turned the WCO in my hand, something rattled inside. Also, when I turned the WCO in my hand the infrared light would come on and off randomly. I concluded that I had drawn a lemon and that the best solution was to just buy a replacement WCO, which I did. I installed it and it synced and worked fine for two minutes, but when I was prompted to update the firmware I did so. I think (but can no longer be certain of the timing) that it was when the updating started that this new WCO went offline. I again tried everything that the troubleshooting guide says to do to reconnect. No luck. So then I decided to start all over with the installation, so I deleted the new WCO and the base station from my account (and app) and started over with the initial installation procedure. Everything went fine until the sync stage, where I repeatedly got the “sync failed” message.

Then I saw the March 22, 2021, “Wyze Cam Outdoor Connectivity Troubleshooting” posting from Brenda, which states that deleting the WCO or the base station from the Wyze app “while they show Offline …will prevent you from being able to set them up again.” Wow. Sounds like a fatal error that is very easy to commit. If there is an easy workabound, let me know. Otherwise I am willing to just move on. I have been pleased with my three v3 Wyze cams, my Wyze scale, and my Wyze headphones. I look forward to the arrival of my Wyze handheld vacuum.

Jack Goodman