Delete Background Phone Album Pic?

Is there a way yet to delete photos I got from my phone as background pics in the app? Right now I have 10 pictures and one is of the same picture and I just want to delete them from the app. Seems odd that there is no way to remove our own pictures.


Is this in reference to the Wyze Band?

I’d like to know if there is a way also. I even deleted the band from the app and re added it and the pics are still there.

I haven’t found a way to delete the background pics on the Wyze band from the album yet.

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Yes, this is for the Wyze Band.

This is definitely a feature that SHOULD be there. But for some reason it’s not… makes you think what Wyze is doing with the photos you upload… :thinking:

Like why don’t we have the options to remove OUR photos? :thinking:

I’m sure our photos are just stored in the Bands memory or in the app on our phones. But yeah, it’s shameful that Wyze still hasn’t given us a way to delete our photo history. You’d think that would have been something thought of from the start. Maybe they should spend their funds on better software engineers, instead of on developing new products.

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With the lack of issues being fixed of Band from Wyze and the skin irritation the strap is causing, I’m throwing my Band away. What a big disappointment this product ended up being.

I don’t think the issue is changing the background… It’s deleting the stored backgrounds that is the issue. There’s currently no way to remove them from appearing as a choice.


I see what you mean. I had no idea. Well, that is not cool. I regret putting my picture on there now. Before, I only had my nice Christmas tree lights.