Delete All Events Feature in App

(I use an Android phone) How about a DELETE ALL EVENTS feature/button to delete all the events showing in the list (as opposed to having to open each event before being able to delete it). Reason is that there can be many false positives or simply events generated by the owner walking by and it because a nuisance to have to delete each event separately. Also, since an event file is downloaded to the phone when an event is selected, these files start taking up significant storage space on the phone, so a feature to delete all events should do that without downloading the event files to the phone.

To delete events without playing them:

  1. Tap the Event tab at the bottom
  2. Tap the three-dot (…) button at the top right of the Events page
  3. Choose “Delete Events”
  4. Tap the radio button to the left of each event you wish to delete (or tap “select all” bottom left)
  5. Tap the Delete button, bottom right

Note that if you select all, only events whose thumbnails have been loaded will be deleted. Therefore, before starting the deletion process, make sure you keep scrolling to the bottom until no more thumbnails are loaded.

You must delete all events for each day separately. If you wish to delete events from a single camera, you may filter first before deleting.