Delayed Wyze event notifications

Always been a problem - sometime its less than a minute, sometimes its a couple of hours. Wyze is not very good at fixing major problems, just offer suggestions that don’t work or suggestions that have zero to do with the problem.

Not to steer away from original post but the “Jerky” action of the pan cam has NEVER been admitted or addressed - just suggestions the do NOT fix it.

I prefer a company that is up front that “there is a problem and they don’t know how to fix it” or “there is a problem and we aren’t going to fix it”.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s going on here. But I’m bringing it up with the product team again and making the point that battery optimization settings have already been disabled in all of these cases.

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Thanks for trying. Wishing you luck.

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Thank you, cornarch51. I’m sorry that we haven’t found the fix for this yet.

It’s the Wyze app itself. Ring and Blink are instant even after the phone is asleep for several hours. If I disable doze via the adb method, then Wyze would be instant. Disabling battery optimization for Wyze doesn’t do a single thing. Gmail is like that as well…delayed notifications (Google said they purposely did that–that’s another story). Disabling doze takes a minor hit on your battery, but then you would have to remember to disable it again after a reboot or update if you want instant notifications from Wyze.

I will share this with the team.

Yup, After over a year I just live with it. Same experience with tech support as the others—Check your WIFI strength, reset camera, turn off battery optimize, check this, uncheck that. Like every other thread, there’s no answer to why 5 minute delay, my ring and Yi are within 5 - 10 seconds. Just accept that these are now only good to review events, not as a timely alert.

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I gave up on the is issue every being resolved, wyze notifications only come in when other apps wake the phone or the phone is in use. Its been like this since the redesign of the app.

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I have only had the Wyze camera’s since the middle of Dec 2019 and also have a few Ring products. The Wyze event notifications are always delayed and of late (this afternoon) it took almost 15 minutes to receive it on both phones (Galaxy) and Samsung tablet’s. The Ring notifications are always within a minute or so. It is very disappointing to read all these threads that continue to be unresolved and on-going. I am not giving up on the issue, we are going to replace every Wyze product in our home. No matter how good the product(s) might be, if you do not get notifications in a timely manner what’s the need. I personally have had major issues with the latest Wyze app closing unexpectedly when up and running as well as closing when it is trying to open. I have communicated with 4 or more Wyze support personnel and thus far absolutely no remedy. It seems like their approach to resolution is passing you on to someone else. I try to support up and coming companies but this has gotten out of hand. Good bye Wyze, hello Ring and or Blink.