Delayed notifications


Are you getting your notifications in 15 to 30 seconds , or 5, 10 , 30 Minutes to an hour late?


I have cameras That I have had since last summer that show 100% signal strength per the app, That I have been getting delayed notifications from since September .


As far as I know I don’t have any connection issues , My router sets On a shelf 7 foot off the floor , Internet connection speed is 180 download , 12 upload, Mbps


I just had to power cycle the camera from the OP and now I’m reading 98% connectivity. Prior to that, walking in front of the camera failed to trigger an Event notification. The reason for the power cycle was Restart Device didn’t work and Turn off didn’t work. The last Event from this camera was at 6:14AM EST which was listed on the Event page without a thumbnail and “This video doesn’t exist”. BTN, I guess.


Are you seeing any of the other symptoms such as events listed on the Events page without a thumbnail and “This video doesn’t exist”?


I had one camera that was screwing up like that ,Then I couldn’t even get a live view on it, I had to do a factory reset to fix it , Since then it works fine Except for the delayed notifications just like the rest of the cameras , That Particular camera is showing 87% connectivity .
It was snowing last night And I got a lot of alerts from my outside camera Plus some other alerts From other cameras , 3 total ,I had not touched my phone but all of a sudden Alerts all started coming in , I Counted the alert sounds As it went off for 35 alerts one after the other, This is not unusual I very often get 2, 3 , 10 or more all at once


Is this happening in the Beta app, released version or is it in both?

I really don’t get it. Yours are delayed. Mine are delayed or just seem to disappear into the bit bucket. Restart Device fails about 95% of the time, Events don’t get to the Events page, but Live Stream seems to work fine in HD, SD and 360p. Last night I had ZERO events on my Events page, until I power cycled the camera this morning. Then, in desperation, I did a why not and I managed to get a Restart Device to actually not Fail after several attempts (and this is after power cycling the camera). I switched through HD, SD and 360p just to see what each looked like and then went to Events, did a pull down refresh and an Event from 5:46 AM shows up without a thumbnail or video. Unfortunately, the Event doesn’t give me the seconds, so I went to Playback at 5:46:00AM and noticed my motion light was on, which meant something triggered it five minutes earlier and there was no Event for that. lol, great, right?

I guess I’ll sneaker-net a view of the alerts folder and see exactly how many Events I’m not getting.

You know, relying on events getting to the Events page and then basically shutting down during the “Cool-down” period is starting to look less and less like a weak link and more dysfunctional at every turn. I know, 20/20 hindsight is wonderful isn’t it? I’m not saying do away with the cloud videos, but it’s all available on the camera already without a cool-down and the cloud is just unreliable.


It;s Both


Is your SD card(s) full?

FWIW, after reading other threads about SD card issues causing really weird behavior, another day of not receiving Events or complete Events (header, video and thumbnail) and having made no progress otherwise, today I couldn’t even ping the device. I pulled the plug on my camera and brought it inside next to the router the other cameras are on. I pulled the SD card and formatted it in a Windows 7 box and added the device back to the app on the original wifi router, which is one floor up and further away from the install location. Inserted the SD card, put it back outside and it’s showing 96% and 98% signal strength, which I find really hard to believe, but more important I’m receiving Events now. My next step would have been a factory reset.

I have to wonder if a full memory card is corrupting something other than the card. I know I’ve put in a clean card before, but didn’t go through the install process plus a newly formatted card. Might be worth a shot if you havn’t done it.


Well it’s not just one camera it’s 7 of them I’m Getting delayed notifications from, Only one of the cams is outside One of them inside doesn’t even have a card in it .
I did a test last night With the tablet On Wi-Fi and the phone on the cell network then triggered some cams, And the same thing is happening on cell network


I would be tempted to set up another Wyze account and move a camera or two to it and see what happens. I mean, with that many cameras being delayed and some not even with SD cards, maybe there is something to do with the account. I’d probably still format any SD cards first. Give it as clean a start as possible.


I guess we think alike , It’s funny you say that because, I didn’t mention it but that’s Another thing I did last night .
I set up a new separate account With a new camera on my old S 7 Android phone , Public app version .
I had a couple that came through quickly (As I do sometimes with the other cameras) but Others were 4 to 15 minutes late Before they came in during the test.
I don’t get why My other notifications including my blink cams come in quickly , Everything but Wyze cams


At least by doing that, it should isolate the problem to the camera or the cloud. Well, actually no, something about your particular network could still be involved. Either on the upload or download to the cloud. Not likely, but still a possibility. Setting up on a completely different ISP would be the only way to eliminate that.

Is it all of your Wyze cams? or just several?


As I said It;s all of them that I have hooked up, I have 4 more cams I’m not going bother to hook up till this problem is solved ,

If There is something wrong with my particular network , I don’t know why my blink cams Notifications come in quickly but wyze does not