Delayed notifications


@OverWatch The answer for step #3 is ‘maybe’. Confused? :slight_smile: Here is why.

There are two kinds of logs. App log and firmware log. When you report an issue, you have the latest app log in the email sent to us. If you select a camera (the third field) in the ‘Report an Issue’ page we will ‘issue’ a command to the camera to submit a log to our cloud with an ID (you see the ID in your issue report). There is where ‘maybe’ comes in.

In most cases the cameras are in a good state to talk to our cloud. Then we will be able to track the firmware log. If in some cases (e.g. camera losing power, no internet connectivity) your camera can’t send anything to the cloud. Then we can’t receive f/w logs. In the latter scenario, the only way to retrieve f/w log is to insert an SD card, which is inconvenient.

You do ‘report an issue’ and select the specific camera. I think it will be fine even though you have intermittent connectivity issue. Let me know when you are done. I can check on our server side. And please do make sure to list the time and date for your missing events. If we fail to see the log I will let you know to do the SD way to retrieve log.



@WyzeTao, check your email. I did my best to explain things there. It includes the event timestamps, but only to the minute as the seconds are not included in the Event list timestamps.

So the firmware log goes directly to the cloud and the app log is in the email? Hmmm, well I can only hope the cloud saves multiple logs. :fearful: If so, you will want to look for one created Jan 29 somewhere around 4:40 AM Eastern time for the ID in the email I just sent.


Got it. You submitted twice, right? I was able to collect the firmware log. I can’t read the logs myself. I filed a tracking bug to follow up with our devs. If we need more info, we will let you know. Thanks!


Twice? Is that all? I thought the logs were collected in the email, sooo I may have done it a few more times than that…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was able to find the 1/29 email submit but there wasn’t any log file found. That means the device was offline when you submitted the log on 1/29. Couldn’t do anything with that.

Do you have any new events today or yesterday that you get a ‘file doesn’t exist’ error? Your log today would have no info if your device was rebooted in between. Or the error log could be overwritten due to due to limited space. If you have more recent events please do list them.


I can’t say for sure if a device restart wasn’t done since the last error.

Back to step 3 from above, since it sounds like getting you a firmware log file via cloud is a no-go.

  1. This assumes no SD card is already in the camera?
  2. Doesn’t this also assume the camera is running?
  3. If there is a card (all of mine have cards), do I just pull it out or shut the camera down first?
  4. Pulling it out after 5-10 seconds, assumes not shutting the camera down first?

I guess the simple answer to all of the above is to say do it all with the camera running. Maybe. Confusing?

Oh, what if I just shut the camera down and move it closer to the wifi and THEN submit the logs? Nope, that’s a reboot.


FYI, I just noticed restart device and turn off are not working on this device in addition to it not sending Events at the moment. As in walking right in front of the camera.


Please don’t shut down the camera. Camera logs are stored in memory. All the logs will be gone after reboot.

When you can’t restart or turn on/off the camera it is the best time to take a log (using SD card) and investigate. If you have an SD card inside already, you can just take it out and reinsert the SD card.


UGH, I’ve started to see some of the “video clip doesn’t exist” errors now. I highly suspect it’s my internet connection upload speed.


It’s contagious! I spread it around like the flu!

Didn’t you say yours was 12 and 5? If 5 up isn’t working, a lot of people should be seeing this.


I saw this post about an hour too late. However, it still has problems, the same problems. It seemed to work fine for about an hour, then “This video clip doesn’t exist” and no more events after that.

So, I guess I’ll go with the dreaded Step 3. Since I don’t have a spare card laying around, I’ll have to pull one out of another camera or can I pull this one out and reuse it? Format it to make sure it is clean before putting it back in?


@WyzeTao, you should have a file in your email.


Yes, that is fine. You don’t need to format the card. The file is very small. After you send out the file you can put it back to the original cam.


5 up is what I pay for, rarely what I get. My average is 2.5


I just used the one in my eclipse cam, but you should have it in your inbox.



OK, I was wrong. I pay for 15 down, 5 up, but with a strong YMMV clause in the ISP’s terms and conditions document.






A little more information on the setup. The camera is mounted on the door frame of a garage door. The router is on a top shelf on the same floor, so there is less than a foot difference at being the same eye level. .68’ difference to be exact. The distance is a measured 40’ with an interior wall and a 2" wooden garage door between them.

As I’m typing this at 9:20AM, I just received a notification from 6:22AM.


@WyzeTao, I have another camera that is giving “This video doesn’t exist”. I sent the logs in just now, but if you didn’t get the firmware logs, I’ll need to do “Step 3” on this camera. This camera is 100% failure on the Events since 1:30AM this morning, which would have been right after my router rebooted. So it’s a little different symptoms than my other camera, but same error.

I also emailed you the firmware log.