Delay Recording

It would be great if there were an option to delay the clip recording. I have a camera in my garage but my garage door takes close to 15 seconds to open. All I can see on the clip recordings is the door opening and the clip ends before the door is completely open. If the door were to open and someone walked in I wouldn’t be able to see who came in. Yes I know SD card is an option but if something were to happen it wouldn’t take much to grab the whole camera off my shelf.

I now have 6 sets of contact sensors in my home set to record on my Wyze cameras when activated. The problem is by the time someone opens the door to areas of the house that don’t have a near-by camera the 12 second video would have ended by the time the intruder came into camera view. It would be great to have the option of setting short delay from the time the contact sensor was activated and when the camera records it.