Delay between event and alert clip recording



I have tested and retested and am pretty frustrated with the lag between when a triggering event occurs and when the alert recording starts. I would like to do what seems incredibly simple: record the vehicles that pass slowly in front of my house and anybody that comes onto the porch. I have yet to catch a single recording of myself testing (at least 20 tests so far) by walking in frame for 20-30 seconds or of my postman who walks in frame from the right, onto the porch, then out of frame to the left. I have excluded the 5min cooldown period by making sure my tests begin more than 7 min since the last alert. I watch the timestamp on the live feed as I test and then wait for the alert clip and compare the timestamp of what is recorded. There is an average of 2 min lag before the notification appears but the timestamp lag averages 30 seconds. I have similar lag times at all 3 sensitivity settings. I have the latest firmware and iOS app. My hope would be for no more than a 1-3 second lag so I can have some clue what triggered the alert. What can I do to reduce the timestamp lag to something more usable?