Delay before recording

It seems like there is a 5 to 7 second delay from the triggering motion to the time it starts recording.

I have the camera pointing at an entry way. If someone walks through, all I get is the door closing behind them and then the remaining 12 seconds of nothing. Any fix?


I have a “cam outdoor.” Just installed it and all firmware is updated. There is an SD card in the base station.

Welcome to the forums! 5 to 7 seconds seems to be a little long, but there is a delay for sure when the camera starts recording after an event. The camera is normally in a sleeping or low power mode. When it detects motion through the PIR sensor, that commands the camera to wake up. Now the camera does a second check of the motion to see if it passes your sensitivity settings, then it starts to record. It usually takes a few seconds to accomplish this, but 6 to 7 seems long.

You can test your camera by standing (might be easier to take the camera down from it’s mount and have it sitting on a table or something) out of frame, waiting for the cool down period to end. And wave your hand say 10 times in front of your camera fairly close to it. Now when you see the event in the app, how many waves do you see? Only see 7 waves? 3 waves? Now do the maths on how long does it take you to wave the amount of times that the camera didn’t catch. We can start here for troubleshooting.

Another idea is to have a Wyze Sense contact sensor on the door, so when it opens you can have a rule that commands the wco to record a short video. That’ll give the camera a headstart when there is action in the entryway.


Following this. Seems the same for me. Recording always seem to pick up the last few seconds of activity.


if you posted a screenshot of the detection setting’s page, including the detection area, we can help suggest some ideas. Most likely, optimize the placement of the camera would help.

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I’m also having this issue with my indoor Wyze Cam V2s. I am missing important events due to this delay. Any fixes yet?

On your v2? Is it a recording delay during a video event, or the cool down period after a event video is saved?

Just an update from my comment a few months back. Recording has gotten better, delay is down to a second or two.

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