Decals / Stickers for Wyze Cam?



Just curious, would this be something you’d be keen to have? Makes your Wyze Cam that little bit more fun. :wink:

Any suggestions?


Having different colors just to help blend in with the decor would be most welcome.


I like them


Only if they’re marketed as: Cyclopsian Pantaloons.


I would be more interested in window stickers. Something like “This Home is under WYZE CAM surveillance”.



+1 for a security type window sticker


I’d also like something like a solid black one


I would also like to have window stickers! I am not into the different color skins. I want my cameras to blend in, not stick out!


Interesting! We’ll definitely look into that!


Black would be cool, eh? :wink:


Not only cool, but would give far less/nothing to reflect off the glass it is peering through because we need to keep the units inside… :wink:


I agree, a black one would blend in better than the white. Also I think stickers would be cool.


Black camera housing would be popular.


As far as stickers, I would prefer to camouflage rather than stand out. Wood grain, granite, that sort of thing in various shades perhaps.


Made a vinyl wrap with my cricut vinyl cutter. Fits perfectly if anyone wants the file.


Would you be willing to provide a link to the file so we’re not posting email addresses? Thanks.

#16 is “project” i made with Cricut vinyl cutter. If you have a Cricut account and vinyl cutter, you can access it. Hope this helps some people. I only did the front, right and left sides. Never bothered with the top.


My paint job in black to eliminate reflections @ I do like the vinyl cutter @


Where can we purchase the skins? Please! I want them for my WYZE cameras!


I would love one for the pain that makes it look like the Eye of Sauron. That’s what we call ours.


Not everyone has access to a Cricut or a laser cutter. How about can someone make a Word or Avery template to share? This way we can use the template to create custom “skins” for our cams. TIA