Dangerous Design? - Power Adapter



I love my four Wzye cameras and tell people about them constantly. That is until yesterday.

My only beef with the Wyze camera has been how obtrusive the power adapter and it requires nearly three inches of clearance from the wall when the provided USB cable is included. Yesterday my three year old pushed over a empty canvas violin case and it hit the power adapter of our V2 camera that sits in our front porch window. It majority of the power adapter came unattached from the plate that plugs into the wall, leaving an exposed charged surface. While bending down to pick up the case he knocked over, my son touched the surface seen in the picture below and was shocked. Luckily he was not hurt severely.

After examining the power adapter, it almost looks as if the plate wasn’t even glued into the power adapter. The power adapters on my other Wyze Pan cameras seem to be one piece and not subject to this issue.

Is this something you guys are aware of? Is the power adapter I have a manufacturing defect or were the designed easily pop off the plate with the prongs?.. so you could install international plugs maybe? It could have been a much worse outcome for my son and I worry others may not be so lucky. Needless to say, I’m ordering safer third-party power adapters to replace the ones on my Wyze cameras.


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I called tech support and they offered to send out a couple new cameras, apologized for the incident, and asked if I could send in the unit that shocked my son to see what caused it to come apart so easily and see if there is a bigger issue.


Oh, golly. We are so, so sorry about this and relieved to hear that your son wasn’t severely injured. Thank you for letting us know about this problem so that we can investigate it.


I’m so sorry this happened to your son and I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. We’ve already communicated this incident within the team and manufacturer and we will treat this very seriously.


I would say, yes, it is a defect. I know when my power adapter died, it took a heatgun to get it open, so, looks like that batch(?) of adapters didn’t get glued down.


I would agree… bad (hopefully very small) batch. I just checked a half dozen of mine that are not in use and could not separate the pieces with all the force I could muster by hand pushing the prongs against a table.