Daisy chain cameras


So I just daisy chained my first camera. I noticed something though.

The camera at the end of the daisy chain (the camera plugged into the other camera) seems to have issues streaming live in HD (kb/s lowers to 10-20kb/s). If I change it to SD, the kb/s jumps up to the 80kb/s and works perfectly. The camera plugged into the power outlet streams live in HD and works fine. Both cameras have 92% WiFi signal (they are roughly 10-15ft from the router). My other 2 cameras are plugged into outlets and stream live in HD fine.

Are there any known issues with daisy chained camera not live streaming in HD correctly?

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Are these V2 or Pans? Are you using the factory supplied power adapter?


These are V2 and yes I am using factory supplied power adapter. Here are a couple of screenshots showing the kb/s on HD vs SD. I’ve restarted the camera as well. My back porch cam which is the one plugged into the power adapter stays above 100kb/s in HD with no problems.


Did you try leaving the 2 cameras in the same places but switching the order of the daisy chain?