Daisy Chain 2 or more Cameras



How would this work? Do I just use a male to male USB cable and only one power source from one of the cameras?


For power only. Yes you can plug any standard USB-A two microUSB cable into the USB-A port on the back of one V1/V2 camera to power another. The provided power block should be able to handle a total of two, possibly three, cameras. Not recommended for the Pan since it would interfere with movement.


I have about a 20ft span between both cameras. Can I run a 20ft USBA to USB micro and still use the original power supply that comes with it or will I need to upgrade the USB power adapter?


It doesn’t depend so much on the power adapter. The 1A power adapter produces enough current. The potential problem is voltage crop over a long wire run. The current has to go through the original cable and then through your 20’ additional cable. Voltage drop is a function of amperage, distance, and most importantly, the wire gauge.

Here’s a tool that will let you calculate voltage drop under various combinations of the above variables:




Why is it not possible to daisy chain more cameras than two? Is it the power adapter that plugs in the wall isn’t strong enough? I thought I had seen somewhere that you could daisy chain up to three cameras but I can’t get the third camera to work. Is there any way to accomplish this? I had bought three 26 foot cables to run between the cameras but I get no power to the 3rd. I even tried a 5.0 Samsung plug and still didn’t get any power to the 3rd. I don’t understand voltage and electricity enough to figure this out on my own. I have no way to get electricity to where I want to put the third camera. There’s no space in the attic and no outside outlets. I may have to call an electrician to add an outside outlet. I’d rather not if there’s any way around it. Just wondering if it’s possible. Are there cables that I can buy that will carry the current other than these cheap ones I got off Amazon?

And–stupid question-- but is there anything dependable that is solar powered that I can run a camera to rather than stringing power cables along the eaves of the house? I bought a inexpensive solar phone charger once but it didn’t work worth a darn. I live in Florida so 90% of the time I would have enough sunshine. Be nice! I don’t understand all this stuff. :slight_smile:



Re solar… it’s not easy. Most off the shelf solar batteries won’t charge and provide power at the same time. Some folks here have rigged up a solar system, but it’s pretty involved. You can search the forum to find it.

If you tried a 5 amp power adapter and that didn’t work, then the problem is likely that you have too much voltage drop over that LONG 78 foot cable run. The voltage drop is a function of the gauge of the wire in the cables (among other things). See my post above. The cables you got probably use a pretty small wire gauge. If you can find cables that use thicker wires for the power leads, you might have more luck. The problem is, I’ve found it very hard to find any specs on exactly what gauge of wire is used in most cables.


Yup, wire specs are almost always printed on USB cables, but usually not advertised online or on the packaging. You’ll want the power lines on a USB cable to have a lower AWG to be thicker. For example, “28AWG/1P + 24AWG/2C” indicates the data lines are twisted-pair 28AWG (not important in this case) and the power lines are 24AWG. If you can get 20AWG for the power lines, that would be ideal.