Cycle Timer for Wyze Plug

Can a cycle timer feature be added to the Wyze Plug? Something that would allow you to have a plugged in device go on and off repeatedly according to a desired on and off cycle for a desired number of times?

It would be nice to have a option in the plug to cycle, turn off, wait “x” time and automatically turn back on. This is used in industrial setups to cycle communications. Knowing many people want to be able to cycle their modem router with a Wyze plug this is the only way.


Currently, the timer feature for Wyze Plugs only works if it is manually set. Can we have a feature/rule that allows for Wyze Plug to turn off after XX minutes of being on (and vice versa)? This can’t be done via scheduling because it is set by direct time, not a relative amount of time after plug is turned on/off.

My wemo plug has had this feature for years (Called Auto Off Timer -