Cyber Monday 2019 Mystery Launch

Well that took me no longer then 5 seconds to find.

All I will say is that it seemed a tad on the expensive side for Wyze products…

Not compared to most of the competition.

Key word. There are products at the same price with good reviews still. We shall see. Maybe this one will be better :man_shrugging:

Its just like when I was a kid, trying to guess what my gift would be on Christmas morning!

One year I got a three-speed bike that we had to put together before I could use it. Well that took forever to get it assembled before I could ride my present from my 8 year old eyes. When it was done, it was the best bike ever!

Then the older neighborhood guys started saying add this and add this to my bike. So I could “pop” the back wheels, skid really long, put better grips on the handles bars, change the seat, change the foot peddles, take off the gear guard and all these modifications after a short of getting my first bike.

In the end, it cost so much money, made it really hard to fix, we painted the bike candy apple red and changed the tires. The older kids loved my bike and would use it all the time to “wheelie” down the street. All I wanted was a bike to ride. Everyone made it so complex.

I crashed by bike and got a used single speed schwinn bike - it was the most fun ever! It was a bike, simple and so much fun - no frills, easy to operate, and just pure simple bike!

kinda like my first Wyzecam used to be.