My cats also are often apathetic. And may I say that you have a fantastic naming strategy for your furry friends?


I name them after my ancestors from Belgium :belgium::belgium:

Forgot the cat: Cornelia Clasina Josephina. :cat2:


Better to make light than curse the darkness.
-Eleanor Roosevelt, Confucius, and several other people

Thanks Gwendolyn. Pretty sure this constitutes the first official word on the subject. Please do let us know when it is fully addressed, and what the exposure was.

Meanwhile apparently the social security number of every T-Mobile customer is available for a small fee (if that). :frowning:

At this point, you know me pretty well! I’ll make sure you all have access to the info when we’re able to share more. I know it’s not fun to wait and I really appreciate the patience and understanding in the meantime. :heart:

I’m pretty grateful I don’t use T-Mobile. I saw that come out and was just like: :grimacing:

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Does this have any effect on Wyze cameras? The article does not mention it.

I’d suggest continuing the established conversation here…

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So apparently, according to that article, the ThroughTek, Annke DVR, and ThroughTek Kalay flaws are three distinct vulnerabilities.

Wonder if and when is going to address this?

Guess I missed it :upside_down_face:

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