Customizable time for motion sensor to become clear

Would like a Timer to be added to the wyze app to adjust the duration of a motion sensor before it Clears. For example I have smart light switches linked to my wyze Motion sensors, so if motion is detected my lights switch on and then once the motion sensor clears the lights switches off. I would like to be able to Adjust the times between Detection and clearing.

This is a great idea!

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Thank you. This idea Would assist people in wheelchairs. That can’t reach the wall socket.

It appears the Sense PIR Motion Detector sends its clear signal 45 seconds after the last motion is detected. While perhaps this is a good enough default setting, I don’t think its ideal for many scenarios (for me its too soon) and I was wondering if this could be made user adjustable to at least some extent in future versions of the app.

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Wyze Sense PM here – Just wanted to let you know that you can customize when you get notified to only happen after the sensor has been clear for a customizable amount of time. However the actual “clear” setting cannot be changed due to hardware limitations.


Thank you for your reply, a bit disappointed it can’t be adjusted to suit my needs, but still thank you.